Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Alive and Kickin'

We are still alive and well in San Anton - just adjusting to a new way of life!

Since my last blog posting, we've had a BIG birthday in our house - N is now 8 years old. We had a fun time celebrating with new friends and N was lucky enough to have g-parents come for the weekend to celebrate with him!

Halloween was a fun time - N was a Clone Trooper - his first store bought costume :(

L was a tiger and super cute, but she got very mad trick or treating, because everyone kept calling her a cat. We kept telling her, she needed to say, "Trick or Treat. RRRRRR, I'm a tiger" But she didn't and so ultimately, she came back to us and said, "That is it. I'm done." No more trick or treating. And this would last 4 or 5 houses until she would decide to try again, but alas, the same scene would play out and then she'd quit again. Oh, and she got tired of walking. So.... the gal who really wants to go to Disney World when she turns 5 will not be going, 'cause if you can't walk 3 blocks to trick or treat, then there is no way you can last several days of all-day walking. And I, her momma, refuse to carry a 40 plus pound gal 'round Disney. So, maybe 6 will be her magic age and hopefully, the boy won't think it's lame by then!

Lance and I have been going to a parenting class the last couple of weeks. More than anything, it's been a great chance to meet other parents in the same phase of life we are and to see that we are all encountering the same joys and pains -- it helps to laugh with others and know we are not alone!

And tonight, I'm very excited to be hosting a girls' night out --- there are 12 ladies coming and it will be great fun to enjoy an evening out for girl talk! I'm hoping it will become a monthly event!

Our church here has been AWESOME ---- we already feel such a part of the community of faith and our children have been welcomed and loved on so well. We are so thankful to be serving here.

Now, if we could just sell our house in CS --- any takers?!?