Friday, December 19, 2008


Today is Lance's 40th Birthday! Yippee!

We have some big fun planned for him!

This morning starts with a treat of donuts for breakfast. Tonight will be Texas Roadhouse (his favorite!).

The big surprise which he has just learned about is that he and I will be going to the Cowboys game Saturday night in Dallas. This is the last regular season game to ever be held in Texas Stadium. Should be an exciting night! We are also staying overnight at the Omni Mandalay in Las Colinas Saturday night while his parents keep the kiddos! I've had a hard time keeping this a secret from him until this morning!! This surprise involves us heading to Dallas 2 days earlier than we had planned. He will be busy packing today!

Happy Birthday babe! Hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More pics

I know most of you who are regular readers are in shock. Yes, my friends, I have had pictures in my last 3 posts. This is a new record for me, but don't worry, I'm sure I'll go back to my old ways soon. Just think of this as a Christmas gift from me to you!

In the meantime, enjoy some more pics from our trip to Santa's Wonderland last week:

Me and my boy:

My gal:

My kiddos "in the band":

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Two loves

Sunday evening we had a Christmas musical at our church. I was a wee bit concerned about making it thru the 90 minute performance because our kiddos had been up to 10pm the night before, up at 7am and no nap. This is generally a recipe for disaster! So, smart momma that I am, I packed up the crayons and paper.

For L, no worries, the girl was so sleepy, she curled up on the pew and slept thru almost the entire thing! For N, the boy got to work. He had several great creations, but this was my favorite:

He combined his two loves together in one picture: Trains and Jesus!

I love how the train is headed straight to the manger!

N is very open in discussing how God and Jesus are his best friends! This makes me happy. Somehow, his friends at school get to talking about God. He shares things they talk about sometimes and it's quite humorous to hear perspective about God from 1st graders. But, last night we had to have a little discussion about appropriate things to say to others!! He mentioned his friend E doesn't love God. He said, "I told E if you don't love God, you will go to h*ll." Not sure where he heard that, as Lance and I don't talk like that. But, he probably heard it from someone else at school. I told N that he needs to be sensitive to others at school who may not get to go to church or have parents who tell them about Jesus.

Monday, December 15, 2008

A sled?

So, we had snow here last week. Like real, honest to goodness snow. Snowball fighting, snowman building snow. No ice. It was awesome and beautiful. And it may, just may have set the bar a little high for the weather this Christmas. 'Cause you see to my kiddos, snow on December 9 and 10 means there is a guarantee for snow on Christmas. It just don't snow much here in South Central Texas.

So, when we made our annual trip to Santa's Wonderland for our hayride thru the gazillion lights and our trip to see Santa, my kids both asked Santa guessed it, a sled. 'Cause nothing says Christmas like a sled that they might get to use again when they are 17 and 13!

When I saw how this photo turned out, I was very proud because L doesn't always (never) like having her photo made. But, I also realized how BIG my kids are getting. I live with them everyday and know they are growing (which is healthy) but when you see the photos, oh, it takes my breath away. I've got to enjoy every moment with them. Before I know it, they won't want to see Santa anymore.

So, Santa did ask them to give a "back-up" gift idea in case the sleds don't work out...and what did they ask for? A computer!!! Hello, I think the children will be disappointed this year. But hopefully, once they see what he does bring, the 'puter and sled will be a distant memory.

Head over to BooMama's blog today if you want to see her Tour of Homes - there are some really pretty ones over there!

Let it Snow!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Recipes and Great Ideas!

For those of you who've never lived with a 7 y.o. boy (or a boy of any age for that matter) you are missing out on a unique experience. This is my second time to live with a 7 y.o. boy (the first was my brother). Here are some recent events from our house:

1) "Momma, I have a great new recipe: You just need green and red jello; chocolate and vanilla ice cream; red and green M&Ms; and a cherry.

After the jello is done, you just mix it all up in a bowl, some people may not like it, but it will look beautiful" See picture below that he drew:

And the grocery list for the items we didn't have:

2) After explaining to N why we don't want to leave standing water (mosquitos) N said, "I have a PERFECT idea....let's get a bat" After I stopped laughing and saying, 'no way', N says with a straight face..."they don't bite. Well, only 3 of the 1600 kinds bite and we wouldn't get one of those"
Oh well, in that case, bring it on! (or not.)

3) After school the other day N made the sweetest card for his friend A next door. He took scraps of my papers and designed a beautiful card complete with 7 hearts. The message inside?

Dear A,

I'm so glad you live next door to me or else I wouldn't have anyone to play with.

Love, Mr. N

It was soooo sweet although not quite factual -- there are about 10 other kids on our street he plays with regularly

4) N's art teacher told him that he was the best behaved student in class the other day. I asked him how he responded and he said, "I didn't, I just blushed." AWWWW!

And finally, a self-portrait by the 7 y.o. himself:

Can you tell I'm one proud momma?!? I love this boy!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My mono is smokin'

So, for my stampin' pals, you will be shocked to hear what I did Friday night!?!

I made 42 cards at one sitting. Oh yes, yes I did. And I'm a humble gal too. That makes my total for the week at 77 which is about 6 times what I've done in the rest of the year combined.

Nothing like the pressure of Christmas to get me motivated. I'm a self-starter like that.

Now, I know what your next question is. And I think you know what the answer is, so that's it, you'll have to take my word for it. If you want to see any proof of what I've done you'll have to come by the house or hope you might be the recipient of one of "said" cards!!

And now back to our regularly scheduled slacker schedule of one card a month. I wouldn't want to have to give up my "slacker" position, now would I?

Friday, December 5, 2008

The funny ---it is back!

Lance and I watched The Office last night and thankfully, the writers are back to the funny!

They've struggled this season what with Pam being gone and the new HR lady---thank goodness that is over.

Some of my favorites from last night's episode:

Michael asking Oscar to explain the budget surplus to him like he was an 8 year old and then when he clearly still didn't understand, asking Oscar to explain it as if he were a 5 y.o.

Pam and Jim's battle over the new copier vs. the chair. When Pam dumped the tiramasu in the trash, that was great.

Dwight and Angela getting married by the German-speaking Mennonite Minister and then her coming into the office and making out with Andy, then saying "I need to tend to a small legal affair"

Having the security guard decide where to spend the surplus

When Jim asked Pam at the end to make 3 copies, stapled, and collated. He said, "I wouldn't ask you to do that (as he leans in for a kiss); I need 4 copies.

Thank you The Office for coming back to us. Please stay in The Office and don't go chasing any other tangents!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My head is spinning!

I've been absent from the blog world lately. Nothing is wrong, just busy! Like all of you, I'm busy with shopping, crafting, decorating, and planning the social calendar for our fam!

Since Thanksgiving, some updates:

1) I managed to wrench my knee last week and ended up on the couch all day Saturday. Thankfully, it's feeling better now.

2) I've been a card-making fool...I've made 30 cards the last two days! I'm giving personalized card sets to my kiddos' teachers at school and church. I've still got more to go, but I feel accomplished with the dent I've made. I think I'll also make some sets for family members for stocking stuffers!

3) The 2 trees are now decorated; the only other thing left to do is set up all the nativities and finish the garland on the staircase --hopefully, that will be completed today

4) Only 2 actual gifts have been purchased--I've got some work to do in this area. We are travelling to Dallas this year for Christmas, so we've got to somehow sneak the "Santa" gifts in the car as well. We think this will probably be the last Christmas that N will believe...this 7 y.o. has become oh so savvy and is asking lots of questions about the logistics involved in Santa. I want to enjoy this sweet innocence as long as possible and hopefully convince him to keep it sweet for L a few more years.

5) 3 year olds are about the perfect age for the magic of Christmas!!! L was shrieking with delight at all the Christmas ornaments and lights. She is over the top excited --love it!!

6) We have someone in our family who is turning 40 this month! Lance will celebrate the BIG 4-0 on December 19th. Plans are being made. Stay tuned for more details on this big event!

7) My sweet daughter has now begun using God as a reason for doing things. Example: "L, it's time to go to bed." Her response, "No, God told me I don't have to"...How do you reason with that? God is speaking directly to my! Do Mommas trump God in matters of household rules?!?

8) N has stayed on "green" two days in a row at school...this is good news indeed.

9) It only takes 20 minutes for kids to take an entire unopened package of construction paper and make paper airplanes out of the whole thing. These airplanes then fill almost every clean space on the floor. It's amazing. Really.

Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful time of year and don't forget the reason we celebrate - the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Savior!