Friday, May 29, 2009

It's an odd number, really

So, I turned 37 yesterday. 37. It's not a multiple of 5, it's not almost a multiple of 5 - it's just sort of there. Nothing to get too excited about, just one of those numbers you have to pass thru to get to another more exciting (though bigger) numbers!

I had a good day, but you can definitely tell, I've reached that really grown-up age where it's not that big a deal to me to have a birthday. Unlike my younger days when I thought a birthday was a good excuse to not make my bed, go to school or work, or ya' know do anything I didn't want to.

So, my day yesterday consisted of the entire family oversleeping! L woke us all up at 7:15 and panic began! The little neighbor girl rang the doorbell at 7:20,so we were scrambling!

I did enjoy a nice lunch with friends yesterday and when I arrived home L and the kids had some beautiful flowers for me. Dinner was a salad and then we went swimming. A very simple day, but just what I wanted!

My Big Shot arrived last night too! So, hopefully, I'll have some time this weekend to start playing with it!

I got several nice gifts and cards including a blog post from Emily! That was sweet! The card from the kiddos? A singing card that plays Johnny Cash' Ring of Fire --picked out by N -- it was funny!

And today is the last day of school for N! So long 1st grade! Yeah,summer!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gone Country

We had our wonderful family reunion this weekend in Louisiana. My aunt and uncle have a fabulous place in the country. It is so unbelievably quiet, relaxing, and beautiful and the weather was wonderful. It didn't really get hot until Sunday afternoon.

My kids enjoyed riding a horse, swimming, playing in a playhouse, and searching for arrowheads (that may or may not have been prearranged for them to find). I'm pretty sure they were prearranged, 'cause what are the odds that the 3 children looking for arrowheads would stumble upon exactly 3 arrowheads?!?

I enjoyed visiting with my cousins and their families - it was a great time to catch up and discover that although we live very different lives, we have lots in common! The same basic values that have been passed down to us from our parents. Good times!

And now, I'll share a fun little video with you that has nothing to do with our trip, but is funny nonetheless:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big Shot

This post is mainly for all my "crafty" friends.

I need some input on the Big Shot. Tell me what you love about it; tell me any negatives (if there are any). I'm debating asking for one for my birthday, but want to hear exactly what it can do before I decide for sure!

Also, related to crafting, we had Card Club Tuesday night at Ellen's house. She came up with the cutest original design of a beach scene complete with sandpaper for the beach. You can check it out on Jennifer's blog. I really enjoy the evenings of visiting with friends and having someone else come up with the ideas and do the clean up!

Oh, and check out this blog for a great idea on looking at all the SU! colors. Some of you may already have a system for this, but I always have to pull out all my papers to find new color combos! This is a genius idea! Already printed out my templates.

The fam is headed to a family reunion this weekend and not a lame-o one, but one where we actually know all the people! I'm excited to see my brother and my cousins and their families! My aunt and uncle are graciously hosting us at their place and it's paradise in the country. Much relaxing, great fun, and delicious food are on the agenda for the weekend!

I hope you all have something fun and special to kick-off SUMMER!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm winning and I'm losing today!

First, the winning..... I won the new Amy Grant CD from BooMama's Blog!! Yippee, I'm so excited! I've loved Amy since middle school!

Second, the losing.....

Two things happened yesterday that have seriously motivated me to get back on Weight Watchers YET AGAIN.
I'm hopeful that this time it will stick for the long term and I won't give up!

1st - my dad who is a heart-attack and triple bypass survivor and really just my hero in so many ways, got some test results back that were not very good. Not horrible, just not excellent like they've been the last 5 plus years since his surgery. He and my mom are still adjusting to his work-at-home schedule and some of his discipline has gotten off track. He and mom are "back on the wagon" of healthy living. It has inspired me to get back on as well.

2nd - and really, my most motivating, happened last night...L asked me if I was growing a baby. :( Then she asked me when I was skinny...I had to tell her it was along time ago. :( Then she said the words that spoke the clearest to me, "Now, you are just fat." Wow, they were painful words but true and really, she was the best person in the world to say them to me. So far, L has been blessed with fabulous metabolism - truly many days she eats more than Lance or I, but she's only 4 and very active also. Someday, her weight will catch up to her too. I don't ever want to pressure her to be a certain size or any other unhealthy body image, but I also want to be healthy for her and a mom she can be proud of.

So, today, I'm a winner and hopefully a loser too!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Worm lives here

A Bookworm, that is.

N has progressed so far on his reading this year and is now CONSTANTLY reading. You have to pry it out of his hands to get him to eat, bathe, even watch cartoons! Yesterday was the book fair at his school and he got 5 new books - The Magic Treehouse series is a favorite of his and he read an entire book last night! I LOVE it! I have always loved to read and I'm so glad he is now at the point that reading is more enjoyment than struggle to get thru.

Another bonus? He is learning all kinds of interesting facts and his vocabulary has increased tremendously. Books have also brought up all kinds of topics that we are discussing. Life is so interesting with a 1st grader!

I've never wanted any of my children's phases to end: baby, toddler, etc, but you know what the great thing is?!? Every.single.phase has such wonderful things --so many new and first things.

N, I'm so proud of your reading success. Reading will take you far and provide you with many hours of entertainment! Love, Momma

Monday, May 11, 2009


We went swimming for the first time yesterday. Yes, it was warm enough - we live in the tropics here in South Central Texas - I think they officially opened the pool the day after Easter!

We LOVE the pool and yesterday I realized there are several reasons why:

1) It's just plain fun!
2) You can exercise without sweating!
3) We are outside!
4) We get to be a part of our community and visit with friends and make new ones!
5) Since we buy a swim pass, our family of 4 can swim as many times as we want all summer for only $125. Pretty cheap entertainment
6) It wears my kids out!

In fact yesterday after swimming for 2 1/2 hours, we came home, bathed the kiddos, and were getting ready for dinner, when I looked over at L and she was asleep. It was 6pm and we faced the dilemna all parents face at that hour. Do you let them take a short nap, then deal with the crankiness until bedtime or do you let them sleep knowing they may wake up at 3:30am ready to go for the day. Since we had a very busy weekend with some late night activities, we decided to just put her in bed. We heard not another word until 6:09 this morning! Glorious!

Lance and I enjoyed some time last night with just N which is a pretty rare occurence and it was an evening with no drama. In fact at one point, I mentioned how quiet it was and Lance said he'd be happy to throw a couple of tantrums or talk incessently if it would help! :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom's Day

To all of you moms out there, I hope you are able to have some time to relax and do something enjoyable this weekend whether you are with your kids or not.

To you who are not yet moms, but desperately want to be: my heart is with you. I remember those days. Hang in there and believe that one day it will be you!

And to my mom: thank you for always loving me and still helping me in so many ways. You have taught me well and now I enjoy being your friend!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Four year olds talk. ALOT. I had forgotten this since the last time we had a four year old living in our house 3 years ago.

The difference?

N asked ALOT of questions. You know the ones ----why?

L - not too many questions, just talks about every.little.thing. that pops into her mind. Oh, the excitement of life!

So, I'm wondering, is this the difference between boys and girls? Or just my two? N ever curious and trying to figure out how everything works and L gearing up for the "gabfest" of her high school and college years.

Either way the talk is equal parts hysterical entertainment (last night, she was copying Ryan Seacrest's intro to American Idol...."This. Is. AmericanIdol.") and equal parts maddening (sometimes you just want 5 seconds of silence).

But, I know this day too will pass quickly and I don't want to wish these days away. So for now, you'll be seeing us rolling on the ground laughing or plugging our ears with cotton balls!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dancing Queen

This weekend was L's first dance recital. We had the rehearsal Friday afternoon and the recital Saturday afternoon. Combine that with our last soccer game of the season and grandparents visiting and it was a busy weekend. But, it was also one of those glorious weekends!

I saw a side of L I've never seen before. That girl was born to dance and she can ignore all other needs/wants when she is focused on that goal of dancing.

Some things that happened:

Went 6 hours without a bathroom break
Went 6 hours without eating/drinking
Went 6 hours straight without whining
Let us mess with her hair FOREVER and yank and comb, etc without complaining

These are not normal events, she was in the ZONE and it was a wonderfully enjoyable time with a happy little girl.

She did a great job dancing and more importantly she had FUN!

Here are some pics of the day:

L is the dancer on the far left looking off stage at her teacher for help with the moves:

At the end of the recital, L loved taking her bow. So much that the asst. teacher had to pull her back!

Daddy brought her flowers after the recital:

Getting her makeup done:

Her whole class did a great job!