Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's a numbers game

Today's post is brought to you by the number 100,000.... this is the number my odometer will hit the next time I get in my car! My 6 y.o. SUV has taken some major abuse - it's definitely a "mom" car complete with stickers on the window - ya' know - like "I've been Krogering" or "I survived my shot at the doctor", stuff like that!

And in other number news, my sweet little 4 y.o. fish (I mean daughter) decided to jump off the diving board for the first time yesterday. She's been eyeing it for several weeks, but yesterday, she just announced, I'd like to jump off the diving board into 10 FEET of water, thankyouverymuch. This is something you would never catch MommaJen doing, but like a good Momma, I went to the deep end and clutched with all my might to the side of the pool, while my 4 YEAR OLD jumped in and immediately bounced up and swam to the side. I told her she had done a great job and that I was super proud and she just said, "That was double fun, I'm going to do it again, bubba, do you wanna do it?" all in one breath.

And then she proceeded to do it 1.5 million more times. Or maybe it was 20. I don't know. All I know is that if she keeps this up, the Olympics of 2024 better watch out!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Goodbye Friends

Last night a group of my friends treated me to a fun evening! We went to Wings N More, a College Station favorite and enjoyed good food and GREAT company! After I left, I began to feel like this move is really going to happen and it made me sad. I know San Antonio is where we are supposed to be and I know we will make new friends, but it's hard to say goodbye to good friends here! Fortunately we aren't that far away and I already have a trip to Canton planned with a couple of them in October!

So, thank you, Debi, Emily, Jeannie, Jennifer, Kristin, Lacey, and Tracy for one fun last evening on the town! I will miss you gals so much!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We have a place!

We took a mini-vacay plus house-hunting trip the last few days and we had success!

We are going to lease a home for the next year. Our home here hasn't sold yet, but hopefully will soon and we'll have time to scope out neighborhoods, etc. and determine where we want to "land" in San Antonio.

But, for the next 12 months, we have a place that will work nicely for us. And since it has 4 bedrooms, we will have room for guests! :) It even has 3 full bathrooms - yahoo!

After the success on the house-hunt, we were able to vacay a bit. Some friends had given us a gift card to the Pappas restaurants and we were able to enjoy some delicious seafood.

We floated the Comal River, which was an interesting experience. Note to self: don't ever float the Comal River when the Guadalupe river is low - all the partyers that are usually on that river come to the Comal and it was a little like a frat party from college - complete with exhibitionists, drunks, etc. Fortunately, our kiddos didn't pay much attention, but Lance and I were ready to get them off the river!

Schlitterbahn was the big fav of L's - that girl is fearless. She did all the big slides with Lance and even when she got dumped out of her tube, she swam right back up and kept going. N, not so much, so he and I enjoyed the lazy river and other more tame adventures.

We also enjoyed Wonder World - a little overpriced for me, but the kids enjoyed it and so that made it fun for us!

We are now on the countdown for the move!!! Lance has just over a week before he starts his new position!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Does it Count if they were Pulled?


My sweet N had two teeth pulled yesterday. They were baby teeth that were preventing his two grown-up teeth from coming in correctly. My boy's mouth was crammed full of teeth. So now he's got a little relief and perhaps (we're hoping!) we'll have a few less days in braces down the road.

N did great with the two shots and the pulling and tugging to get these teeth out. His main question: Does the tooth fairy still come if the dentist pulls them out?

Well, folks, the answer is yes! The tooth fairy does indeed come for those teeth! This morning, N found two gold $ coins under his pillow!

And the best part for me? He's cuter than ever!!!
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Cock a doodle doo

We have a rooster living in our neighborhood. Really, we do.

A week ago Sunday, the kids and I spotted him on our way to church. In fact, I backed up the car to get a second look because I couldn't believe there was a rooster in our yard. It was.

That evening, we had some youth over at our house and they along with my kiddos chased the rooster around the neighborhood. It was funny!

A couple of days ago the rooster was in a tree behind our house - not sure how he got in the tree.

Today, he was back in our yard. We learned that one of our neighbors who works in Hearne accidently brought him home from work. The rooster had climbed into the bed of his truck and found his way to College Station.

As long as he doesn't wake me up at the crack of dawn, I guess it's okay, but it's kind of strange!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Love of Friends

This beautiful note of friendship was on our doorstep today. We aren't home alot right now since we are trying to sell our house and HELLO we have young children who like to make messes and what not. So, this note from a friend of N, was friendship from the 6-7 year old set.

In case you aren't familiar with reading things written by kindergarten and 1st graders (which I wasn't until 2 years ago myself and I now consider myself somewhat of an expert) :) I will translate:

To N:
From: Kai

I knocked on your door today and nobody answered and I just wanted to play with you.
Bye N

I am sooo glad N is still in the innocent stage of friends where being real and true is still what is happening. They aren't trying to be cool yet or playing games with one another that are cruel. They just love.

May we, the grown-ups, be as tender and real with our friends.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A credit card? Really?

So, when did they start putting credit cards on vending machines? If it was in 1983, please don't tell me because I like to think I stay up on current events. And really, if it's not in People magazine or on the internet, it must not be happening, right?

No, seriously though, a credit card to get a coke or bottle of water?!? I admit, I don't carry alot of cash, but I generally have the $1.25 if I'm in desperate need of a cold beverage. But, I'm sure they probably will get more sales this way. What cracked me up the most was it just wasn't debit cards, but American Express. Try explaining that one to your company when the credit card bill arrives - yeah, I was really thirsty and the 28 cents I found at the bottom of my purse just wouldn't cut it.

So, what other things have I missed?!?