Monday, February 8, 2010

The Newlywed game and more!

Over the weekend, we had lots of social engagements. We are oh, so popular! :)

Friday night, was a play at Churchill High School featuring 3 of the youth from our church. It was very well done even though we had to leave at intermission. L just Possible reason why? It was not High School Musical, which is now her favorite! Is she 4 or 12?

Saturday, after I did my early 6am breakfast making and bathroom helping with the 4 y.o., I went back to bed and slept until 10! Then I woke up and read in bed until 11! It was nice!!

Saturday night, we had fun at a friends house with guys vs. girls pictionary and The Newlywed game. Lance and I were the 2nd longest married couple there and it's hard to believe, but had forgotten some of the details from our dating days. We didn't come in last place, but definitely not first either! It was a great time complete with homemade sushi from our Korean friends and lots of French goodies from our French friends. It's amazing how international our group is -- although, there are also plenty of good ole Texans! It's fun to have new friends and learn crazy things about them!

And of course, Sunday! The Saints finally win! What an awesome thing for the Saints' fans who never gave up! We celebrated with our youth and college and it was fun to see how little some of them knew about football. And how MUCH some of them cared.

All in all, a great weekend of fun!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Are mommas allowed to run away? 'Cause I'm considering it... not permanently of course, but maybe for 2 or 24 hours.

Lance has been out of town since Sunday and this momma is worn down. The first half of the week was quite relaxing and down right enjoyable. No need to feel compelled to cook dinner. PB&J and mac n cheese work quite nicely thankyouverymuch. Lots of books, and some TV time. After all, it has been raining for DAYS. I can't remember the last time we saw the sun.

But by last night, I was over the single momma routine. Since L was still awake and fighting sleep at 11pm, I was envisioning an entire night awake with her. And you know how when you aren't sleeping and then you panic, 'cause you're not sleeping and so then, you can't relax and you surely won't get any sleep then. Well, that was me last night. And after having been awakened at 5am by crying cats, I was a wee bit desperate for the sleep.

L has decided she doesn't like anyone or anything, she doesn't have any fun toys and everyone is mean to her. Hmmm...with an attitude like that, I can certainly see why everyone is being mean to her. And if I weren't her momma and love her like crazy....

So, tonight, Lance gets home. If you see me with my purse, fleeing our home for a few hours, you'll know, I did run away.

But I will come home.


Just kidding.