Thursday, February 28, 2008

If the world were run by Kindergarteners!

My oldest, N, is a 6 yo boy in kinder. Everyday he learns so many new things and has so many questions about the world and why, why, why? Sometimes Lance and I can't believe all the whys, and else do you learn? We are thrilled N has such a thirst for knowledge and a desire to know more. Those of you who spend much time around kids realize they do pick up and learn so much. But I think we could learn from them - you know..."All I ever really needed to know I learned in Kindergarten"

I was up at the school and I saw the children's latest project displayed in the hallway. Their assignment was to complete this sentence: I have a dream....

They were to write their dream and draw a picture about it.

Their answers were beautiful.

Some (that I can remember) were: have no more wars. build a new house for people. visit all the sick people in the hospital. hug sad people. be nice to other people. bring water to the people in the desert. (this one is by N)

What I loved - the dreams were about others! We love N's teacher, Mrs. M - we think she is fabulous and have so much admiration for her and the work she does.

What would your answer be to this assignment. "I have a dream..."?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Growing up

My sweet little L is going to be 3 years old in less than 3 weeks. How did this happen? Just yesterday, we received the phone call that she had been born and that we were to be her parents!

She's grown up alot this year - no more baby bed (hello big girl room - pink!); no more tricycle (hello bicycle with training wheels - pink!). And now to the biggest challenge.....potty training.

L has been successful sporadically - we have good hours; then we have days she is completely uninterested. I'm not too worried yet - after all her big brother was 3yrs 5mos before he got it. sure would be nice to not have the diapers and all the issues that come along with I'm thinking, maybe it's the color of the potty. It's blue. Do you think if it was pink, she'd love it? I'm just sayin'...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So, does anyone else out there struggle with how much to intervene with your kids and their friends, or is it just me?

Yesterday, N was playing with his neighbor friends (they are all older than him by a minimum of 2 years). Sometimes this is great - like when they teach him how to play 4-square or convince him that it's time to ditch the training wheels!

But....sometimes, it's not so yesterday....

I was pulling L down the street in the wagon and I notice foul language coming from the boys. N comes running over to me and tells me what they said. Now, I'm not ready for my sweet little kindergarten boy to start this kind of language (I know it will come soon enough unfortunately) So, I debate, do I say anything? Or do I just mind my own business and go on...

Well, you know me, I couldn't let it go, so I went over to the boys and told them I didn't want them talking like that around Nicholas. One of them tells me, "we were just talking boy-talk" I reminded him that N is much younger than they are. UGH - I'm so not ready for that!

So, I need some feedback, did I do the right thing? Or should I have just let "boys be boys"?

Monday, February 25, 2008

WW update

Today was the completion of my first week back on Weight Watchers. Not bad, considering I was out of town this weekend and ate out.

I'm down 2 pounds exactly. I'm glad to be back on this journey and of course it helps tremendously that the weather is so perfect here in Texas right now!

Today after school, the kiddos and I will again make the 1.5 mile trip to the park - them on bikes - me on foot! L is getting so good on her little bike with training wheels - she's so cute and really only needs help when it's a steep incline. When she is going downhill I have to run to keep up with her! I hope by summertime, she'll have enough skill that I can ride my bike with the kids. Right now, there is still too much stopping and starting for that!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Girls Weekend

This weekend I went as a sponsor on a youth girls' weekend. It was a great time on several levels.

One - I got to do something I haven't had much opportunity the last 6 years - participating in an overnight youth trip. When you are married to the youth minister and have young children, you don't really get to do any activities that go longer than 8pm!

Two - I got to hear some great music - Natalie Grant, KJ52, Hawk Nelson, and Ayesshia Woods! This was definitely an ecletic mix and even though I'm 35 years old, the noise level didn't bother me at all. I love the excitement that only teenagers can have!

Three - I heard some great messages that while geared for teenagers, also had some nuggets of wisdom for this mom!

Four - I got to spend time visiting with a friend on this trip that I don't often have much time with!

Five - I had time to visit with girls that I usually only see for a few minutes each week.

Thanks Lance for asking me to go - I wouldn't have volunteered on my own, but I'm really glad I went!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday! She is a woman I love and admire. My mom is one of the strongest women I've ever met. She has been thru alot in her life, but she stands strong and moves on. She has walked thru my dad's health issues over the years and has provided a great support system for him.

My mom chose to be home with my brother and I growing up. This was not an easy task, as my dad travelled alot and there wasn't much money. I know she must have done without alot and yet...she sacrificed for us.

She is still sacrificing for us. My mom is my go-to babysitter when my kids are sick and I need help. She is my advice-giver when I struggle with a decision. She will cancel her plans to meet the needs of her family. She is a lover of people and sometimes has to be the "tough love" that people need. This is a good thing!

My mom instilled in me (on purpose) to be an independent, strong woman. She didn't want me dependent on her and my dad or anyone else to make it thru life. She did a good job.

My mom is also my friend - we love to shop together, decorate, and sew (well, she sews, I buy the fabric!) I'm so thankful that God chose her to be my mom!

Mom is a "nana" to 6 wonderful grandkids whom she would do anything for. She always has all the kids favorite foods and special dietary restrictions covered when we visit. She does crafts and projects and makes her home a welcoming place for all.

We all love her.

Have a great day Mom!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho, it's back to WW I go!

So, I did it, sort of! I joined Weight Watchers last March 1st and I lost 42 pounds thru mid-August. I was proud of myself and feeling good. Then my group did the unthinkable - they decided to take a break!!! A 6-week break. Who does this? It's a recipe for disaster! The beginning of the break was the same week as our family vacation, then we get back and my son starts Kindergarten. You can see where this is going....So the 6-week break turned into a 6-month break for me. Not good!

I haven't gained any weight since August, but I haven't lost either. Good news - I know how to maintain! Bad news - I still have a long way to go in my weight loss efforts!

So, today, I did it - I rejoined a group - a different one this time - one that doesn't take breaks! Because obviously a break is a bad thing for me. I'll keep you updated as I progress on my journey. I know it will be a lifelong one for me, as it is for many who struggle.

Today is a beautiful day and my kids and I will be enjoying the park after school - burn, baby, burn!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Crisis of Health!

Health Insurance - it's a major problem in this country. If you haven't yet encountered the necessary evils and expense, hold on and I'm sure you will soon!

Lance and I have seen from a distance how health insurance has caused problems for others. We even saw closer a few years ago when my dad had heart bypass surgery. The bills are astronomical and what insurance will pay is often just a drop in the bucket. Prescriptions every month keep many people from getting their head above water or even going without necessities. Or worse yet, they don't take the meds they need because they have to eat!

Insurance has hit closer to home in the last couple of months! My company decided to no longer offer insurance as a benefit. This then becomes an extra $350/month expense for Lance and I. We are fortunate - we both have good jobs. What about those who are single moms or dads? This can be a major problem for them. Now, our church is faced with changing insurance due to changes in our provider. While we will still have pretty good insurance compared to others, gone are the days of $10 office visits - they will now be $40. This is still cheap compared to what some pay and yet it's 4X as much as before! Combine this with the increase in gas prices and everything else and it's no wonder so many folks are unable to keep up!

This is an election year and I'm not naive enough to believe that one party can fix this mess and yet....we have to honestly look at those who can see the problem. Who out there is looking out for the least of these? The working poor, who despite all their best efforts can't get ahead. Lance and I will make it and be fine - we have money for all our needs and so many of our wants. But, what about others?

As I mentioned earlier, if this hasn't affected you yet, hold on, because it will. It's a crisis and something needs to change. The rich will continue to get richer, the poor will continue to get poorer.

There are no easy answers.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Foot in Mouth!

Have you ever had one of those moments that even while you are saying it, you are thinking, "STOP, STOP RIGHT NOW, QUIT TALKING" and keep on talking.

That happened to me last night. In a group meeting, I said it...I said what I was feeling and yet it wasn't the time or the place or the audience in which to do it. I'm mortified and worse as a youth minister's wife, I shouldn't have said it. But I did and life will go on.

Sweet husband told me before bed last night, "ah don't worry about it - you were a little harsh, but it's okay" Of course, then I couldn't sleep last night!

Note to self....don't speak in meetings. Keep mouth shut and just smile and nod.

One of these days, I'll learn that lesson.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Date Night!

So....once you have kids, even going to dinner and a movie with your spouse becomes tricky! Not only do you have to have TIME to go out, but then you also have to have $$$$ for the dinner, movie and babysitter. We are 4 hours away from our family, so no free babysitters for us! And when we had 1 child, we didn't mind having friends watch him occasionally, but once you have multiple children, that doesn't seem so great! Fortunately, for us, we have a plethora of babysitters to select from College students and high school students are always willing and excited to come to our house! (We don't yet use middle school babysitters!) Maybe, once L is potty-trained.

But anyway...tonight is date night for Lance and I. This will be our valentine celebration. We don't dare go anywhere near a restaurant or movie on the real valentine's day as we live in a college town - everything will be PACKED. So, we will enjoy a nice quiet dinner with a real conversation and no one throwing food, hanging all over us, or throwing a temper tantrum - it will be great!

Then, we will go catch a show at our local theater, who believe it or not, actually lowered their prices this year - only $5 for a night-time movie!

We will enjoy our time together and then we will be just as excited to go home and see what our kiddos were up to this evening! Ain't life grand?

Enjoy some time with your spouse - budget $ for date nights out - it will do you good and it will be good for your kids to see that your mate is a priority. Plus, it will give you renewed energy for your children also!

Happy early V-day!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is the birthday of Lance's maternal Grandma - affectionately known as "Grandma Stone". She is 83 today and is one of the youngest 83 yr olds I know. She has babysat almost all of her great grandkids from birth. She gardens, is active in her church's senior citizen group, and loves "gospel singins". She along with Lance's granny have filled a special role in my life. My grandfathers both passed on before I could know them. My maternal grandmother had mental health issues and couldn't sustain a relationship with us. My paternal grandmother was a good woman and loved me immensely, but she died when I was 16. I have adopted Grandma Stone and Granny as my own. I'm grateful to have them in my life. They provide humor and love and enrich our lives so. Grandma Stone is a ruthless game player and will challenge anyone. She is spunky and feisty and I love to visit with her.

Have a great day Grandma Stone - I love you!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wow - That took forever!

Okay, so here we are 6 months later! Hopefully, I will post more frequently than this or no one will ever read!

Since my initial post, my son has fallen in love with kindergarten! He has so much excitement each day and is reading sweet little books! It has been so thrilling to walk with him on this journey and see the world thru a 6 year olds life! He has learned to ride a bike without training wheels, suffered his first "bullying" experience, had his first concussion and achieved perfect attendance until this week! He has also been a ring bearer in a wedding for the 2nd time! Just a few weeks ago, he was delighted to be a part of his b-mom's wedding and it was a great experience for us all. Life is good for N.

L, our 2 yr old, will be 3 in little over a month. She too has had new experiences since my last post! She has had pneumonia, suffered thru terrible 2s (or should I say, we've suffered thru them!), and has moved to a BIG GIRL BED! I have no more babies! She got a small bicycle with training wheels for Christmas and is finally starting to figure it out! She is a ball of energy and definitely keeps me on my toes!

Lance (husband) is gearing up for his busy season at work. As a youth minister, the spring, SUMMER, and fall are the busy times - winter is slower! I've enjoyed having him around more lately, but know those days are numbered....he is planning a spring break trip to Lasara (South Texas) to minister to the least of these. This has been a trip he's been a part of for the last 5 years and is a true blessing to him and the lives of our students.

Next time I post, it shall be shorter!!!