Sunday, July 22, 2012

A lot has changed

A lot has changed since I last wrote on this blog. And even more has changed since I wrote regularly on this blog. The move was a biggie, but really the most defining moment of the last 3 years was when we learned what we were facing with Leah. Since that time, we've learned more and more, struggled, cried, laughed, triumphed, screamed, loved, hugged, wept, conquered and a million more things. And other things in life have gone on. Her life and ours did not end there: Nicholas has chosen to be a follower of Jesus and be baptized. Leah won 2nd place in the San Antonio Bike Rodeo. They both have straight A's for the last 2 years. We went on a 2 week family vacation to Disney World - something that 2 years ago, I would have never dreamed we could have done. We bought a house in San Antonio. I turned 40 - yikes! Nicholas is gone to Children's Camp this week for the 2nd time. We've made new and dear friends who accept us and our children exactly where we are and who we are -- so thankful for this! This blog is no longer what I orginally set out for it to be. During that season of my life, it was a place to journal my children's funny stories and sometimes to contemplate life issues. Things have changed. I've changed. In some ways for the better: I think I'm less judgemental than I once was; I no longer feel I have any parenting advice to offer; I'm better able to "stop and smell the roses"; I've learned how to say "no" to things that don't matter. In essence, maybe I've "grown up." Or gotten old...could be either or maybe both on some days. I no longer care who reads this blog or how often (obviously since I haven't posted in a sweet forever!) But this is a place for me to reflect my feelings and thoughts on this journey of our life. A journey that will take us many places that we don't want to go and some places that we would have surely missed out on by not embracing what our life is instead of what it isn't. And isn't that what all of us have to do?