Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When did it happen?

When did my child who still loves to play trains, hotwheels, and legos decide that he is now too big to wear a cute costume that Momma picked out?

Personally, I think this is a super cute costume that would be oh, so easy to make. And, it would be original - I love homemade costumes, they are special and part of the fun is the making of it together.

But evidently, when you are a month away from turning 8, this costume is "lame". Oh, my heart is aching. 'Cause what does he want to be? Some kind of charachter from Star Wars that wears a helmet and carries a blaster to kill droids.... and he wants to but it from the Halloween shop - gasp!

I guess it was bound to happen - I wouldn't want my teenager still acting like a little boy. But, did it have to happen so soon?

We'll see what happens in this delicate balance of independence.

All you mommas out there who still have little ones, enjoy it while it lasts, 'cause it don't last long!

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Tonya Laird said...

You are right about that!!!! So are you guys settled in? I bought a house and I've moved this past week Brittany loves her new room and we are just trying to get settled as well. Wish I could go back to the good ole days of having small kids. I miss that. Now mine just rolls her eyes at me and huffs and puffs like I used to do.

Hope you are guys are doing well!!!