Friday, February 20, 2009

Another birthday and the winner

Today is my mom's birthday. I'll not announce her age on this ole blog.

My mom is such an awesome person! Along with Lance and my dad, she is my biggest cheerleader. She is an encourager and great advice giver (even if I don't always follow it, I always listen and take it under advisement)

I'm thankful for all the help she has given me when I've had sick kiddos. She is extremely talented at all things homemaking -- cooking, sewing, decorating! I got my love of homes from her --- just wish I would have gotten the cooking and sewing!!!

My mom is loyal and has sacrificed so much for her family. She has nursed all of us thru surgeries, illness, and hard times.

One time in particular that will always stay with me is when N was only 4 months old. N had a TERRIBLE stomach virus which then Lance got as well. I was running back and forth trying to take care of them both, and trying to work and of course N is getting first shot. My mom came to stay with us and risk getting this terrible virus herself. She stayed up all hours with me caring for these guys. On the last day, she fell into bed at 4pm with her blue jeans on and slept until the next morning. That is tired!

I'm so thankful for my mom. She has made my life better.

Happy Birthday Mom - I love you!

And the winner of the drawing contest.... it's Lacey
Lacey, I'll bring your gift card to the luncheon tomorrow! Congrats!


Jenn Greeley said...

Happy Birthday Momma to MommaJen! I have witnessed your homemaking are truly gifted. Have a wonderful day!

Yay Lacey!

Ladybug Fanatic said...

I am so excited I actually won a drawing :)

It sounds like you have a terrific relationship with your mom. I wish I had that!

mom said...

Thank you for your kind words. I love helping you--especially with N & L. I had forgotten about sleeping so long that day. What kind of help is that?! Family brings me great joy. I feel blessed to have such a great daughter!