Friday, March 6, 2009

Big D, you're not what you used to be.

So, I spent 3 1/2 days in Dallas this week. I was in training all day - brain overload to the max - but after hours, I had a lil' fun in Dallas.

I was able to make some cards - about 15, I think and that was oh, so productive. As the bellman carried in my card-making supplies, he asked me if I was an attorney! Ha! (I store my paper in file boxes, so I look really smart!) :)

I went out and did a lil' shopping, but bought nothing. I think I've gotten really cheap or something...I just couldn't find any bargains, even with all the selection Dallas has to offer. Disappointing. :(

And then there were the strange, different things that happened.... I think I have been a small town girl for too long now, because oh man, I saw some things that just aren't on my radar in Aggieland!

The mall - cops everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. They even had little "stands" built for them to stand in. There is nothing like being in an upscale Dallas mall at 5pm and seeing more cops than customers.

The hotel I stayed at was swanky. Like "call the butler to get the ice" swanky. I grew up as more of a motel kinda girl. Like you know, the ones that leave the light on for you, so this was an experience. It was nice, I was in the lap of luxury, but because of the whole "call the butler" issue, I got in a sticky situation... I had dinner with my parents on Weds night and then decided to stop on the way back to the hotel to get a cup of ice at a convenience store so I wouldn't have to call the butler and tip him for SOME ICE! So, as I approach the ice dispenser with my cup, I feel a very wet, sticky sensation on my left foot. I look down and immediately flick my shoe off where it proceeded to hit the wall. The substance appeared to be red jello in a pan, but I'm quite sure it was actually some kind of bug/rodent trap which Mr. Convenience Store man would neither confirm nor deny. He took my shoe and washed it in the convenience store sink and gave me a rag to wash such substance off. So I'm standing in a convenience store at 8pm in Dallas where all kind of interesting people are in and out purchasing their beverages and smokes and I'm on one foot trying not to let my naked foot touch the floor. As I finally get my ice and leave, I realize I'm in the middle of a "gay pride" event.

So, even after years of proclaiming myself as not a country girl, but a city girl, I may have to amend that statement to: "I'm not a country girl, but I'm not a city girl either, I'm more of a suburban-type girl"

Kinda sad, huh?


Ladybug Fanatic said...

Wow, just when you thought things couldn't get any worse. Sounds like an amazing couple of days. We missed you at card club. If you want to make the projects on your own, just let me know and I'll save a set for ya!

Jenn Greeley said...

Funny story. I laughed. Not sad, just you've moved on and matured. We don't see the same things that people see in the city. And I'm glad.

Emily said...

LOL! Great shoe story! Sounds like you had a good time for the most part, and "interesting" for the rest. It's fun to go new places and see new things....sometimes even if it's just to make you appreciate home a little bit more. Welcome back!