Tuesday, March 10, 2009

growing up

Last night, we watched part of Dancing with the Stars. L is a dancer thru and thru and we thought she'd like the show. She did. And so did her 7 y.o. brother. And they both sat on me while we watched. This amounts to almost 100 pounds of squirming, fidgeting, dancing kiddos. So, as I was reminding them to sit still, I also reminded myself to enjoy. Because it won't be long before not only will they not physically be able to both sit on me, they just won't want to. These days are fleeting. 'Course when I said this out loud, N popped back with "oh yeah, I will still want to sit on you when I'm 15" Yeah, right, all 6'5" of him, I'm sure!! I'm just hoping he will still want to talk to me when he's 15.

And that leads me into the apology that I owe him:

Dear N,

I'm so sorry I embarassed you by sending Dora yogurt in your lunchbox. I didn't realize your friends would notice and call you a baby for eating "baby" yogurt. I wrongly assumed that because you still enjoy watching Dora that eating her yogurt would be okay. I was wrong. I now know that just because you will still act like a little boy at home that it doesn't mean you are a little boy in front of your friends. Please forgive me.


Growing up - it's hard on us mommas.


Jenn Greeley said...

I can only imagine a 6'5" N sitting on your lap. He'll think its funny when you squirm for him to get off.

Emily said...

oh my...you're posts are the BEST! I'm so glad you started blogging so we can see what a great write you are!

Becky said...

Funny about the yogurt!! I generally buy what there are coupons for so....I ask J if he minds getting a Dora or a Diego drink yogurt in his cup, if that is too baby for 3rd grade and will his friends make fun? He says he does not care and has never said anything about anyone saying anything about it!! I better check with him again!! I do generally try and send him with the Danimals drinks or the Scoobie tubes!!