Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fort Night

Last week, the kids built a fort in our living room. It was constructed out of the card table and chairs; and every blanket, quilt, pillow, and stuffed animal we own with the exception of those on Lance and I's bed. (pillows and blankets, not stuffed animals, I made Lance give those up when we got married. :)) We had to draw the line somewhere. This fort stayed up all week and this my friends is a miracle, 'cause MommaJen of 2-3 years ago could have never stood the clutter. But, I'm a new woman, I can now relax and live in a land of clutter with the best of them. And I'm not sure whether this is a good or bad thing. To my kids last week though, it was definitely good.

So, the culmination of the week was the agreement that they could sleep in said fort on Friday night with the understanding that on Saturday, everything would have to be returned to it's rightful location and I could again see the living room.

After we got home from date night (yippee!), the kids got in their pajamas and settled in for the big sleepover in the living room. It was exciting, it was adventerous, it was CRAZY! They were so excited that even though it was 11pm, they just could not get still. Lance told me to just let them be crazy and they would eventually calm down. Ahem, for N, yes that would work. For L, no - the gal just couldn't do it. And so, her night in the fort was cut short and she was forced into her own bed. But when she woke up the next morning, she and N proceeded to watch cartoons from their fort and request breakfast in "bed" which of course was really just their sleeping bags on the floor.

It was a fun experience, but also definitely showed me, I will no longer be in a hurry for my kids to have sleepovers with others! :)


Ladybug Fanatic said...

sounds like they had a great time. i remember those days.

Jenn Greeley said...

I know about the forts...we have a ladybug tent that stays up for days on end. It drives me nuts most of the time. But, it makes one little girl very happy and so it stays up, but now in her room, not the living room. Kids and their fort/tents, its a funny thing.

Emily said...

I remember moving all the dining room chairs into the kitchen and getting out this huge orange blanket to make a fort. My friend Darci and I listened to Tiffany sing "I think we're along now" in our tent..... :-) (from the good ol' tape player) Good times!

Becky said...

Oh my gosh, our kid stories are always so similiar!
Same thing happens here........mattress on the floor with tent made over it and they want to have a sleep-over together. Well, little A never can go to sleep with brother. Can't settle down, quit talking, quit 'bothering' him! Every single time we've tried, she winds up having to go to her bed!
Tents are fun!

Christy said...

At our house my kids have "couch night" in which they stay up as late as they can, sleeping on couches, eating popcorn, and watching movies. Oh, what fun we have had over the years! You should join them sometime. (sneak to your own room once they are out)