Friday, April 24, 2009

Vacation advice needed

After the last 2 years of heading south to the Beach in the middle of hurricane season, we've decided to do something different this year. We're fast learners, we are. :) But we have not in fact decided what to do.

Ya see, next year is the big vacay we've been talking about for years. Disney! Our deal was our youngest child had to be 5 before we would go. It's alot of $$$$, it will take a lot of time, and plus, I want them to actually remember the trip! I know LOTS of people take younger children and that's great for them, but for us, not so much.

So, all that to say, since the BIG trip is next year, the vacation this year needs to be less expensive and smaller.

Our criteria are these:

***Not too far a drive (we discovered last year that the 7-8 hour trip to South Padre Island was a wee bit ambitious for us; we are "old school" and don't have a DVD in the car; our entertainment is each other, books, and toys! :)

***We go the 3rd week in August, so it will be hot - we need to be somewhere with either a body of water or a pool or preferably both!

***Our kids will be 7 and 4 - so activities have to be child-friendly

*** We like to go somewhere and stay in the same location for 3-5 days so we can truly relax, unpack, and unwind - we aren't yet to the days of being able for the "roadtrip" of multiple stops on multiple days!

Anyone have any great suggestions within a 4-5 hour (maximum) radius of Bryan/College Station?!? I know, I'm asking the impossible!?!


Jenn Greeley said...

I know this probably doesn't sound like a true vacation, but have you considered going to Houston. There's the zoo, I know of at least one water park and there are tons of museums that are very kid friendly. The Galleria has the skating rink. I think if you stayed around that area...its actually close to the zoo and the museums.

Becky said...

Well, we are talking of going to Disney when A is 5 altho.....just don't know where the $$ is going to come from?!!

This year, we are going to New Braunfels for a few days. It's very nice in that area. We are taking the kids to Schlitterbaun, the Wildlife Ranch drivethru, and probably the caverns. It's all right in that area. Plus, SA is close if we want to do something there.

Emily said...

Schlitterbahn would be tons of fun for you guys! Sea World is also close by and lots of fun.