Sunday, August 23, 2009

Goodbye lazy, hello routine

Today is it. The last day of lazy. The last day of sleeping bags on the floor and toys everywhere. Today is the last day of no homework, no alarm clocks, and doing what we want. This has been both the laziest and hardworking summer we've ever had. The moving has been tough, but the 6 weeks of having our kids at home has been great! They've gotten to enjoy the "lazy days" of summer that all kids should have. But, routine needs to return and Lance and I are both looking forward to tomorrow!

N is going to be in a very unique situation at school. His class is a co-taught class with a regular classroom teacher and a hearing-impaired teacher for the 5 students in his class who have hearing issues. There will also be an aide in his class and in 3 weeks, there will be a student teacher as well. So, his teacher to student ratio will be 1 to 4 which is awesome! I'm thinking the opportunity to have behavior issues will be low!!!

L will begin PreK tomorrow. How did my baby get to PreK so soon?!? She is looking forward to her new school and the fun activities they will have.

And I don't start my job until Tuesday, so I have one more day to do laundry, clean house, and run any last minute errands. I'm excited about starting my job and getting in a routine, but I have to say, I'm beginning to have some of those 1st day jitters as well.


Jenn Greeley said...

How exciting for you all. Its been a long time since you've had a first day at work. You'll do great and I'm sure they are very excited for you to start. I can't wait to hear all about it (you and the kids)

Emily said...

Good luck! YOU are awesome, so you will do just great, and they are very lucky to have you! The kids will be so excited about the new stuff too and I'm sure there will be tons of blog worthy stories...can't wait!

Tonya said...

You will do great!!!! Our kids started school yesterday WooHoo now we don't have them calling to tell us they are bored.

Good luck on your first day at a new job!!! You will do great!