Monday, March 28, 2011

There's a baby on the way....

Nicholas is going to have a baby brother in early June and he is so excited!!

His birthmom and her husband are expecting their first baby and we are all looking forward to meeting this sweet little one. Nicholas is just excited that he will have a brother even though he won't live with us! The kids and I had fun buying gifts for the baby last week and Nicholas picked out something extra special just from him. My kids think it's perfect that they each will have a brother and sister now - one that they live with and one that they get to visit and not have to deal with each day!


Jenn Greeley said...

That is so exciting. I bet Nicholas is excited.

Emily said...

Wow! Fun, fun! I wondered what you were going to tell us .... :-)

Sherry said...

And here I thought I would have news to share with Jud when he gets home. I think this will be much more fun!

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pinnacle security said...

How cute! All of you must be really excited.

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Pong Cheese – Valentine’s Offers + Voucher Code said...

Wow! Great fun!!

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So sweat....and so happy family

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