Friday, February 8, 2008

Date Night!

So....once you have kids, even going to dinner and a movie with your spouse becomes tricky! Not only do you have to have TIME to go out, but then you also have to have $$$$ for the dinner, movie and babysitter. We are 4 hours away from our family, so no free babysitters for us! And when we had 1 child, we didn't mind having friends watch him occasionally, but once you have multiple children, that doesn't seem so great! Fortunately, for us, we have a plethora of babysitters to select from College students and high school students are always willing and excited to come to our house! (We don't yet use middle school babysitters!) Maybe, once L is potty-trained.

But anyway...tonight is date night for Lance and I. This will be our valentine celebration. We don't dare go anywhere near a restaurant or movie on the real valentine's day as we live in a college town - everything will be PACKED. So, we will enjoy a nice quiet dinner with a real conversation and no one throwing food, hanging all over us, or throwing a temper tantrum - it will be great!

Then, we will go catch a show at our local theater, who believe it or not, actually lowered their prices this year - only $5 for a night-time movie!

We will enjoy our time together and then we will be just as excited to go home and see what our kiddos were up to this evening! Ain't life grand?

Enjoy some time with your spouse - budget $ for date nights out - it will do you good and it will be good for your kids to see that your mate is a priority. Plus, it will give you renewed energy for your children also!

Happy early V-day!

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Becky said...

We had date night tonight too!! Those meals minus kids are the BEST! Our church does Kids Nite Out, only $5 a kid, from 6 to 10! We usually pick up by 9:00, esp. b/c of the little one.
Hope you had as great a night as we did! We don't do it near enough but, it is so important!!