Thursday, February 28, 2008

If the world were run by Kindergarteners!

My oldest, N, is a 6 yo boy in kinder. Everyday he learns so many new things and has so many questions about the world and why, why, why? Sometimes Lance and I can't believe all the whys, and else do you learn? We are thrilled N has such a thirst for knowledge and a desire to know more. Those of you who spend much time around kids realize they do pick up and learn so much. But I think we could learn from them - you know..."All I ever really needed to know I learned in Kindergarten"

I was up at the school and I saw the children's latest project displayed in the hallway. Their assignment was to complete this sentence: I have a dream....

They were to write their dream and draw a picture about it.

Their answers were beautiful.

Some (that I can remember) were: have no more wars. build a new house for people. visit all the sick people in the hospital. hug sad people. be nice to other people. bring water to the people in the desert. (this one is by N)

What I loved - the dreams were about others! We love N's teacher, Mrs. M - we think she is fabulous and have so much admiration for her and the work she does.

What would your answer be to this assignment. "I have a dream..."?

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