Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Happy!

In our new neighborhood, we have a very diverse group of people. But one of the largest groups are our Jewish friends. Our area of San Antonio has a very heavy Jewish population. I had a few classmates in school who were Jewish, but definitely not a majority and really Plano is the last community I lived in where there many at all.

So, N's school party was highly varied complete with Jewish and Christian traditions. I was glad he was learning about their faith and he has definitely educated us. We've learned to play dreidel and it's a great game with an 8 and 4 y.o. No skill required! He's told us about the 8 days of celebration, of the gifts, and the candles.

So, Sunday morning, during the Children's Sermon at church, our children's minister asked all the kids what that day was the last of. (Correct answer: last Sunday of advent) But, L's answer was: Hanakkuh. It was funny! Everyone in the congregation laughed. But see, L doesn't like it when she says something cute and everyone laughs. So, I play a little game with her....I tell her that it's me they are laughing at. And so, she is always saying, "momma, you are so funny". Well, Sunday, I was a riot!

My sweet L, I'm so thankful you are still little and say cute things. I know someday you won't anymore and I'm thankful for these days. Love, Momma

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