Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Taking bribery to a whole new level

Before becoming a parent, I was an expert on parenting. I believe LOTS of people are experts prior to actually parenting.

Now, not so much. In fact, I know I frequently break the "good parent" rules. Most of the time in the interest of my hearing or sanity. I've been known to offer up all kind of sweet treats, favorite cartoons, extra playtime outside, later bedtime, etc. all in the interest of getting thru the day.

But, today at Hobby Lobby, I heard a new one. One I've never tried before and can honestly say I never will.....

are you ready for this?

Are you sure you're ready?

This is what I witnessed a mom bribing her 3-4 year old son with:

That's right.....she said, "If you can't be good, I won't buy you a lottery ticket today."

Now, I'm sure the lottery ticket is really for her (after all don't you have to be 18 to win) but still....this would have never occured to me. ('Course I don't play the lottery, so that might be why)

I should have asked her if it was a successful means of bribery. I'm always up for parenting advice. :)

Is this one you've tried? Or have you heard other unusual parenting techniques?


Jenn Greeley said...

That's an interesting one. I wonder if its a different type of lottery ticket, something she came up with. Because you've got me stumped as to why a 4 year old would even want a lottery ticket. I'm all for the candy, McDonalds, whatever will work. That of course is all depending on what type of day I've had and how much I'm willing to battle over something. I think the kiddos will figure out its best to ask for whatever at the end of the day when I'm tired. If you hit me up in the morning I'm less likely to give in.

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