Monday, June 28, 2010

Fine, Whatever

Dear L,

How did you come up with the expressions you are now using on a daily basis? When asked to do something you don't want to do, you pause and then say, "Fine. Whatever."

I know Daddy and I do not say these words together, with the same tone of voice and context with which you so do. I'm not sure how your 5 year old self found this language that I had hoped wouldn't arrive until you were 13 or at least 10.

Please, my darling girl, please tell me that you are simply getting the teen language and attitude out of the way early and that you will be a delight to your father and I during your teen years.

If in fact, you are going to deal us greater misery, don't bother to tell us.

I don't think we can handle it.



Jenn Greeley said...

Oh my gosh! Sloane does it too. I certainly don't recall speaking to her this way or say those her. So have I said those words with that attitude toward Shane? I just don't know where it's come from....EEK! Heaven help us.

Bettie F said...

Oh, that girl! Remember when a certain brother said---"like it matters!" all the time. Dad almost went crazy over that one. We all survived and look at brother now! Who would have thoughe he would be the one with 4 children and so protective. Hang in there!

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