Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where do I begin?

So, it's been awhile. 4 months maybe. I probably don't have any readers left. Things here got busy and the blog had to be put on the shelf for awhile, but hopefully it won't have to be reshelved that long again. But, I also noticed some of my favorite blogs have been shelved some as well --- life gets busy and it's hard to maintain, but it's something I really want to return to. This blog is really the only journal I have and something I want to look back on and remember this phase of life.

Moving to a new city. What can I say? The adjustments continue....I never dreamed this time last year that we'd still be adapting at this point. But, I have to say, other than missing daily conversations with dear friends and my previously extremely flexible job, we really like San Antonio!

The highlights here:

a GREAT school for N --- I thought Forest Ridge was a great school in College Station, but it had nothing on our school here ---- fantastic! N had straight As all year with 95 being the lowest and the best part was his much improved behavior. It must be all the maturity that comes with being 8.

Great new friends for me. My biggest hesitation in the move to SA was having to start over with friends. That has actually been the easiest thing for me; I have a wonderful group of ladies who have embraced me and I so look forward to time with them. Just a few weeks ago we had a girl's night out that was awesome. We laughed and were completely obnoxious in one moment and were discussing deep theology in the next. These gals "get" me and we are travelling the momma road together.

A great place for Lance to serve. Things had gotten hard and discouraging in College Station for him and it was obvious things were only going to get worse. Lance is enjoying a renewed energy and passion for ministry and doing so in such a positive, loving environment here.

We finally sold our College Station house in May --- never dreamed it would take that long. We've decided to stay in our rental house one more year to build back up our savings after almost a year of "double" house payments. While I'm not crazy about the 1990 era wallpaper in this house and the vinyl floors with wood pattern, it's plenty big and will do until we can find something that is ours.

L turned 5 in March and we are now counting the days with her until Kinder begins. She is writing very well and has begun spelling simple words and we know she will LOVE big-kid school!

So, hopefully, you'll hear from me again before October and I can get back to telling the story of our lives!