Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Mr. Men Show

So, has anyone out there seen the Mr. Men Show? You know all 3 of my readers?!?

This is a show my kids have discovered this summer and I have to say, I enjoy it too. Funny, how I can make time for folding laundry when this show comes on. Is it wrong to admit that I, a 38 year old mom, likes cartoons?

What I like about this show is that there are these very unique characters (although they are pretty one-dimensional) and yes, some are women. Just a few of my favorites:

Miss Chatterbox --- this is L when she's had a nap. She doesn't even take a breath between sentences if you can call them that. I'm not sure there is even a comma or period anywhereit'sjustamashofwordsallrunningtogetherandheavenhelptherestofusifwewanttosayanythingatall. I think her brain must be running at warp speed when this happens. Although, I have to admit that when she's like this, it's one of my favorites 'cause she's happy and she comes up with the cutest things!

Mr. Rude --- typical boy stuff -- bodily functions/noises

Mr. Quiet --- he's speaking so quietly you can't hear him and it's usually a perilous situation where you really wish he would yell out, "THERE'S A BUS HEADED RIGHT TOWARD US!"

Mr. Stubborn --- 'cause which of us hasn't been this a time or two in our lives. Rain is falling from the sky and we keep saying, "There is no rain out here. It's not going to rain today at all."

So, my advice, watch it sometime. It will make you laugh out loud. Or at least I do. Maybe I'm trying to recapture my youth.