Tuesday, August 5, 2008

100th post! and I've got a secret!

"Momma, I've got a secret to tell you and you have to promise not to tell Daddy or LeeLee". This is what I hear in the car yesterday afternoon from my 6 y.o. I couldn't imagine what the secret could be, but when we got out of the car at Hobby Lobby, he whispered in my ear...."I have a loose tooth!" I was so excited for him. He is one of the last of his friends to have a loose tooth. Alot of his friends lost their first tooth during kindergarten last year. I promised him I wouldn't tell, although I wasn't quite sure why.

During his bath last night, I asked him if I could wiggle it. He let me and it was VERY LOOSE. I'm wondering how long it's been slightly loose and he's kept the secret from me. I asked him if we could call Lance on the phone (he was at 6 Flags yesterday.) and he told me yes. So we called and told Daddy the exciting news!

Now, though N is nervous about doing anything, because he's worried his tooth might fall out and it would get lost. He probably never would of thought of this, but I told him the story of losing my first tooth in which I actually LOST it. I had to write a letter to the tooth fairy explaining that I no longer had my tooth and would the tooth fairy be so kind as to leave my money anyway. I assured N that if he did in fact lose his tooth, he could also write a letter and that I was sure the tooth fairy would leave money for him as well. This seemed to make him feel better.

The next pronouncement he made was, "well, now I won't have to get braces." HuH? See, he remembered the dentist talking about how crowded his teeth were in his mouth and that he would be a prime candidate for braces. In N's little 6 y.o. mind, lose a tooth, ease the crowding, no braces....oh how I wish it were that easy?!? I didn't have the heart to tell him that his momma had to have 4 teeth pulled and still had braces to ease the crowding in her mouth!

So, now my next question.....what is the going rate for the tooth fairy these days? I'm thinking maybe a little more for the first tooth and then less for all the others?!?


Jenn Greeley said...

I'm not sure what teeth go for. I would think for bigger ones you'd get more, but who knows how it works now.

Grandpa said...

Here's what Grandpa says and Grandpa is an authority on this because that letter 30 years ago was so cute that Grandpa had to finance the tooth fairy somewhat more than usual because the fairy decided that the payoff should be much bigger than it might otherwise have been.

Now what was Grandpa saying? Oh, yeah, if a tooth is lost and then if a letter is written to the tooth fairy, the tooth fairy would probably really love it and might even save the letter for decades. And think this letter was just the cutest thing ever written, that is, until MommaJen's grandchildren's tooth fairy letters start showing up.

QuiteContrary said...

Well, I can tell you what the tooth fairy brings here. The older the kids get the harder it is to keep them believing. So the tooth fairy drops off a $2 bill. Yes, you can still get them at the bank. Since NOBODY ever has $2 bills, it MUST be the tooth fairy. For a little extra proof I usually dust it with a bit of gold glittery powder. They think it is fairy dust. Last time Larry spilled some in the bathroom and M found it. He quickly covered with, "I guess the tooth fairy even has to go sometimes!"
Good luck!

Em said...

I always got a quarter per tooth when I was a kid - about 18 years ago. However, I worked at a bank during college, and found out that the tooth fairy was often giving the gold dollar coins - that was probably 5-6 years ago.

Rebekah said...

What a cute secret!

Becky said...

Yeah N!! J was behind his friends with losing teeth too!!
How neat is your dad?!!!!
The toothfairy gave J $1 for the first tooth and it's been 50 per tooth since then.
His PawPaw thinks that is not enough and will sometimes suppliment!! :o)