Thursday, August 7, 2008


Swimming...that should be the motto of our summer this year. Summer 2008 - the year of the swimmer.

How weird is it then that my kiddos are just now taking swimming lessons? Who does this? Well, pretty much a momma and daddy that were not on top of things when it came to signing up in the spring! When you wait too long, August is the only time left and 8am at that!!!

So how are the lessons going?

LeeLee is a little fish - she loves to swim!!! and knows no fear!!! In her little class of 3 and 4 year olds, she was quickly given her own little teaching assistant because of her daring abilities and that fact that she is scared of NOTHING!

N, is my fearful child, but is doing well also. He has learned how to do a backstroke this week which is HUGE for him - he has never let us put him on his back before. I'm proud of him and how far he has come this summer. Back in June, he wouldn't even put his head under the water and now he loves to dive under.

Next week, we head south to South Padre Island. Our cottage that we are renting has it's own private pool that we'll swim in, we're also planning beach time and a day at Schlitterbahn. My little fishies will get one more week of glorious summer fun before we head back to school.

N starts 1st grade on August 25th and I honestly can't believe it. Last year was huge starting K, but truly it was harder for me on the last day of school than the first. I guess I saw how quickly time flew by and that before I knew it, I'd be watching him graduate.

1st grade will be fun - he will start getting "real" grades and I'm sure the expectation levels will be higher. We've got new shoes, new backpack and lunchbox, and a new back-to-school outfit (well, shorts and shirt) and his school supplies are purchased. I can't think of anything else to do! We are ready!

Hope you all enjoy your last carefree summer moments!


Bri said...

I always loved swimming my little muscles sore in the summer. How much fun!

Bri said...
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Ladybug Fanatic said...

I hated swimming lessons when I was little, but now I love to swim!

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