Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Grade, here I am!

Yesterday was the big day around here - school started! Yippee! We were all ready to get back into the routine. N was extremely excited and not nervous (that we could tell!) Other than trying to head back to his kindergarten class from last year, he knew it all. He was racing down the hall ahead of us - so eager to go! He has a great teacher and several friends he already knows from last year. He even reunited with the "lightning gang" at recess yesterday! But, my boy, he has matured a bit from last year. Instead of jumping up and down in the pick-up yesterday afternoon, he was standing with feet on the ground, waving and smiling BIG!

So, first words out of his mouth, once he got in the car?!? This was my best day ever!!! If you've read my blog much in the past you know, we hear this phrase at least once every two weeks. My boy - he is a lover of life- and I'm so thankful for this!!

Sissy had a good day in her class too - she's now with the BIG kids 'cause she's not a baby anymore...this from her sweet little lips! Little does she know, she'll always be my baby!

Hope your first day was as great as ours! Vacay pics coming tomorrow, I promise!


B Funderburk said...

Great pictures! What a big boy! I am so happy he is a lover of life and loves school. While it is sad he is not a baby it is wonderful to whatch his growth. I can't wait to participate in all his stages of life.
Ladybug is growing up too! What joy!
I love you all! Mom

Jenn Greeley said...

What a big kid! And a big backpack! I'm glad is was a great day.

grandpa said...

I know why he's not jumping up and down. Take a look at that back pack! Whoa!