Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We have a place!

We took a mini-vacay plus house-hunting trip the last few days and we had success!

We are going to lease a home for the next year. Our home here hasn't sold yet, but hopefully will soon and we'll have time to scope out neighborhoods, etc. and determine where we want to "land" in San Antonio.

But, for the next 12 months, we have a place that will work nicely for us. And since it has 4 bedrooms, we will have room for guests! :) It even has 3 full bathrooms - yahoo!

After the success on the house-hunt, we were able to vacay a bit. Some friends had given us a gift card to the Pappas restaurants and we were able to enjoy some delicious seafood.

We floated the Comal River, which was an interesting experience. Note to self: don't ever float the Comal River when the Guadalupe river is low - all the partyers that are usually on that river come to the Comal and it was a little like a frat party from college - complete with exhibitionists, drunks, etc. Fortunately, our kiddos didn't pay much attention, but Lance and I were ready to get them off the river!

Schlitterbahn was the big fav of L's - that girl is fearless. She did all the big slides with Lance and even when she got dumped out of her tube, she swam right back up and kept going. N, not so much, so he and I enjoyed the lazy river and other more tame adventures.

We also enjoyed Wonder World - a little overpriced for me, but the kids enjoyed it and so that made it fun for us!

We are now on the countdown for the move!!! Lance has just over a week before he starts his new position!


Emily said...

Schlitterbahn is my fav! I haven't been to Wonder World, you'll have to tell me about it. Glad you found a place, and I'm crossing my fingers for your house here in CS...either that it sells soon, or takes long enough for me to have the $$ to buy it :-) Probably the first is better for you! Glad we got together tonight, we'll miss you!

Ladybug Fanatic said...

I grew up spending time at Schlitterbahn every summer. I haven't been there in 12+ years. I'm sure its changed some. Glad you found a house and had some nice family vacation time.

Jenn Greeley said...

Lots of changes and staying busy. Life is going to go fast these next few months.