Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Does it Count if they were Pulled?


My sweet N had two teeth pulled yesterday. They were baby teeth that were preventing his two grown-up teeth from coming in correctly. My boy's mouth was crammed full of teeth. So now he's got a little relief and perhaps (we're hoping!) we'll have a few less days in braces down the road.

N did great with the two shots and the pulling and tugging to get these teeth out. His main question: Does the tooth fairy still come if the dentist pulls them out?

Well, folks, the answer is yes! The tooth fairy does indeed come for those teeth! This morning, N found two gold $ coins under his pillow!

And the best part for me? He's cuter than ever!!!
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Becky said...

Sweet! Of course you still get the moo-lah!! ;o)
I was wincing thinking about them being pulled! Brave boy!

Ladybug Fanatic said...

of course pulling counts! i had to have alot of teeth pulled when i was little.