Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Derby

Last night, was the pinewood derby for N's cub scout troop! This is the car he designed and painted. The only thing Lance did for him was cut it out (by the design N gave him) and help him attach the weights! The painting and everything else was done by N. He was very proud! And so were we!

I've always thought N was adorable, but I must confess, I think he's even more adorable these days with his missing top tooth. The grown-up tooth is peeking thru so it won't be long that he'll have this toothy grin. But when you combine it with his freckles, well, it just does me in. This boy is likely to get away with a little more (at least with his mom!)


Jenn Greeley said...

How exciting! Looks like a pretty awesome car to me and a pretty cute kid too!

Dad said...

Only my grandson! What a guy! It is amazing to be learning who he is. And we've seen so many hints of this all along. Maybe N is the one who will figure out how to predict volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis hours ahead of time. Or maybe N will be the one that designs the Mars car. For travel across Mars.
Congratulations to Dad, also. You are both doing great.

Hope Grandpa gets to see N as a man! Thanks for sharing, Jen


Nana said...

What a cute boy! It is so neat he and dad could work together, but allow N to "do his own work". He is so creative. Can't wait to see how he develops his talents. He encourages us all with his love for life.
Way to go Nicholas!

Marilyn said...

He's just too cute for words!