Monday, January 25, 2010

Geaux Saints!

In honor of my Louisiana heritage, I have to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to the New Orleans Saints. The Cowboys have always been #1 in our house while growing up in Dallas and being married to a man from Dallas, dad has been a faithful Saints fan for years and finally, finally, finally, there is redemption for this team and this city!! How very exciting! And they are playing the Indianapolis Colts, which just happens to be the city of my birth - very cool!

Last week, a several great moments happened at our house.

N lost his 3rd tooth - and it's one of the top front teeth, so he has that super cute smile that only 1st and 2nd graders seem to have. This tooth had been loose since last spring, so it was a long time coming!

Friday was report card day and N got straight A's again for the 2nd 9 weeks! We are so proud. And he also got all E's in conduct, except one S for music!! Yeah N! After our 1st grade struggles, 2nd grade seems to be a breeze! I think he just had to figure this school thing out.

Saturday, L had an awesome day! Those of you who know L in real life, know that she can be dramatic at times. Like, most of the time. You never have to guess what that girl is thinking, she will tell you and tell you and tell you! But on Saturday, L was a pleasant, happy child for 98% of the day and Lance and I were on cloud 9. She ended up with lots of praise and a reward for her great behavior. The best part was she knew how hard she had worked and was proud of herself. We are hoping this behavior will continue more frequently as she approaches 5!


Jenn Greeley said...

You said it! And you know all about my Louisiana heritage and my love of New Orleans. Geaux Saints, indeed! I'm so excited about this Super Bowl, because next to the Saints I love the will be good.

Congratulations to N on the tooth and grades...well done!

Yeah L! We have a drama gal too. Glad to know that it starts to calm down. Only prob, we are just now approaching 4....eek!

Dad said...

Geaux Saints indeed!

And the Colts' hometown thing, too.

And geaux N. Great reports. Keep up the reading, keep up the reading.

And geaux Miss Marvelous L. Why your parents should be making such a big deal over your 4-year old charm is beyond me. Miss L, you are MY favorite 4-year old granddaughter! You're at the top of the list.

Love ya, Jen, L and N.

Sherry said...

It is exciting when your kids do great things. Woot out to N and L.