Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I write Jazz

My 4 year old, L, still has lots and lots of cute sayings and funny things she thinks are true.

Over the weekend, I was helping her write some cards for her friends. She was writing their names while I helped her spell them. And oh, it's so sweet. The big preschool capital letters that she makes. The way it takes 3 lines to write "Gracie". But after awhile, her hand got tired. Ha! So, she asked me to write some names for her. But, she didn't want me to write them like her. She wanted me to write them in Jazz. I wasn't quite sure what she meant until she demonstrated her version of "L" in jazz and I realized. Jazz is cursive!

Other funny things she's convinced are true (and it may be because I've neither confirmed nor denied her feelings): Does that make me a bad mother?!?

She thinks if she drinks juice in the bathtub and some of it drips, the bath will catch on fire. (I don't deny this, because truthfully, why does a 4 y.o. need juice in the bath....is it because she's had a long, stressful day and she needs to relax and wind down? I think not)

When choosing clothes for the day, that I tell her don't match, she wonders if the police will come take her to jail. (Well, maybe the FASHION police)

Oh, I love my gal and her sweet 4 year old moments... and I only have 2 more months to enjoy them. She will be 5 in March --- FIVE! I can.not.believe.it.


Jenn Greeley said...

I love that...."Jazz." Too cute! Bad mom...I think not. I do it too. Its called whatever works...heh.

Sherry said...

Soooooo cute!

Marilyn said...

Such a cute 4-year old! :)

Anonymous said...

How long will these cute ideas last?!?!

Loved Ever said...

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