Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My head is spinning!

I've been absent from the blog world lately. Nothing is wrong, just busy! Like all of you, I'm busy with shopping, crafting, decorating, and planning the social calendar for our fam!

Since Thanksgiving, some updates:

1) I managed to wrench my knee last week and ended up on the couch all day Saturday. Thankfully, it's feeling better now.

2) I've been a card-making fool...I've made 30 cards the last two days! I'm giving personalized card sets to my kiddos' teachers at school and church. I've still got more to go, but I feel accomplished with the dent I've made. I think I'll also make some sets for family members for stocking stuffers!

3) The 2 trees are now decorated; the only other thing left to do is set up all the nativities and finish the garland on the staircase --hopefully, that will be completed today

4) Only 2 actual gifts have been purchased--I've got some work to do in this area. We are travelling to Dallas this year for Christmas, so we've got to somehow sneak the "Santa" gifts in the car as well. We think this will probably be the last Christmas that N will believe...this 7 y.o. has become oh so savvy and is asking lots of questions about the logistics involved in Santa. I want to enjoy this sweet innocence as long as possible and hopefully convince him to keep it sweet for L a few more years.

5) 3 year olds are about the perfect age for the magic of Christmas!!! L was shrieking with delight at all the Christmas ornaments and lights. She is over the top excited --love it!!

6) We have someone in our family who is turning 40 this month! Lance will celebrate the BIG 4-0 on December 19th. Plans are being made. Stay tuned for more details on this big event!

7) My sweet daughter has now begun using God as a reason for doing things. Example: "L, it's time to go to bed." Her response, "No, God told me I don't have to"...How do you reason with that? God is speaking directly to my! Do Mommas trump God in matters of household rules?!?

8) N has stayed on "green" two days in a row at school...this is good news indeed.

9) It only takes 20 minutes for kids to take an entire unopened package of construction paper and make paper airplanes out of the whole thing. These airplanes then fill almost every clean space on the floor. It's amazing. Really.

Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful time of year and don't forget the reason we celebrate - the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Savior!


Emily said...

Wow! Sounds like you all are have TONS of fun! Are you working? If so, I'm amazed at how you have time for all this! You go girl!

Becky said...

Steve is 40 on the 12th.
What are you doing for Lance?
Steve will be gone at a basketball tournament that weekend of his b/d!!! Not sure what we'll get to do.

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