Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Two loves

Sunday evening we had a Christmas musical at our church. I was a wee bit concerned about making it thru the 90 minute performance because our kiddos had been up to 10pm the night before, up at 7am and no nap. This is generally a recipe for disaster! So, smart momma that I am, I packed up the crayons and paper.

For L, no worries, the girl was so sleepy, she curled up on the pew and slept thru almost the entire thing! For N, the boy got to work. He had several great creations, but this was my favorite:

He combined his two loves together in one picture: Trains and Jesus!

I love how the train is headed straight to the manger!

N is very open in discussing how God and Jesus are his best friends! This makes me happy. Somehow, his friends at school get to talking about God. He shares things they talk about sometimes and it's quite humorous to hear perspective about God from 1st graders. But, last night we had to have a little discussion about appropriate things to say to others!! He mentioned his friend E doesn't love God. He said, "I told E if you don't love God, you will go to h*ll." Not sure where he heard that, as Lance and I don't talk like that. But, he probably heard it from someone else at school. I told N that he needs to be sensitive to others at school who may not get to go to church or have parents who tell them about Jesus.


Jenn Greeley said...

Awesome picture! I know you heart is full knowing that he considers Jesus and God his best friends. At such an early age to know this is wonderful!

Ladybug Fanatic said...

Such awesome children you have raised. I love the picture. He is so creative and to say God and Jesus are his best friends, that must warm your heart.