Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Recipes and Great Ideas!

For those of you who've never lived with a 7 y.o. boy (or a boy of any age for that matter) you are missing out on a unique experience. This is my second time to live with a 7 y.o. boy (the first was my brother). Here are some recent events from our house:

1) "Momma, I have a great new recipe: You just need green and red jello; chocolate and vanilla ice cream; red and green M&Ms; and a cherry.

After the jello is done, you just mix it all up in a bowl, some people may not like it, but it will look beautiful" See picture below that he drew:

And the grocery list for the items we didn't have:

2) After explaining to N why we don't want to leave standing water (mosquitos) N said, "I have a PERFECT idea....let's get a bat" After I stopped laughing and saying, 'no way', N says with a straight face..."they don't bite. Well, only 3 of the 1600 kinds bite and we wouldn't get one of those"
Oh well, in that case, bring it on! (or not.)

3) After school the other day N made the sweetest card for his friend A next door. He took scraps of my papers and designed a beautiful card complete with 7 hearts. The message inside?

Dear A,

I'm so glad you live next door to me or else I wouldn't have anyone to play with.

Love, Mr. N

It was soooo sweet although not quite factual -- there are about 10 other kids on our street he plays with regularly

4) N's art teacher told him that he was the best behaved student in class the other day. I asked him how he responded and he said, "I didn't, I just blushed." AWWWW!

And finally, a self-portrait by the 7 y.o. himself:

Can you tell I'm one proud momma?!? I love this boy!


Nana said...

Great stories! He is creative and seems to be in the recipe phase. The question is will he eat this one? He had one at Thanksgiving, but only for others to try. I love this boy, too!

Ladybug Fanatic said...

Awesome. He is adorable and so creative. I'm so glad you added the pics - it made the whole story come to life ;)

Jenn Greeley said...

He is an excellent artist.

Emily said...

He's quite an artist!

Becky said...

He sounds like my Jman spewing out the facts about the bats!! J can tell you anything there is to know if it's creepy, slimy, scaly, etc.!!!
Great self portrait!! I know that is a framer!!