Monday, December 15, 2008

A sled?

So, we had snow here last week. Like real, honest to goodness snow. Snowball fighting, snowman building snow. No ice. It was awesome and beautiful. And it may, just may have set the bar a little high for the weather this Christmas. 'Cause you see to my kiddos, snow on December 9 and 10 means there is a guarantee for snow on Christmas. It just don't snow much here in South Central Texas.

So, when we made our annual trip to Santa's Wonderland for our hayride thru the gazillion lights and our trip to see Santa, my kids both asked Santa guessed it, a sled. 'Cause nothing says Christmas like a sled that they might get to use again when they are 17 and 13!

When I saw how this photo turned out, I was very proud because L doesn't always (never) like having her photo made. But, I also realized how BIG my kids are getting. I live with them everyday and know they are growing (which is healthy) but when you see the photos, oh, it takes my breath away. I've got to enjoy every moment with them. Before I know it, they won't want to see Santa anymore.

So, Santa did ask them to give a "back-up" gift idea in case the sleds don't work out...and what did they ask for? A computer!!! Hello, I think the children will be disappointed this year. But hopefully, once they see what he does bring, the 'puter and sled will be a distant memory.

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Let it Snow!


Jenn Greeley said...

That is too funny.

Emily said...

You have the best stories! I had to do a blog on crafts, cuz my life just isn't that exciting! Thanks for entertaining me :-)