Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Full House and A Full Heart

Today has been a wonderful day of family and food. We've had 12 people in the house and 6 of those are 7 and under. It's been a day of excitement, squealing, and running! It's been a day of cousins loving on each other and grownups laughing along! It's been a great day that makes me thankful for my family.

I hope that you and yours have had a fantabulous day and one in which you were able to count each blessing!

We also had one special visitor...the tooth fairy came again last night after N lost his 2nd tooth while eating dinner - that's definitely something to be thankful for!

Tomorrow, we'll enjoy more time together and find more adventures to enjoy together (and we won't be joining the shopping madness!!) - Saturday, we hope to get our Christmas tree up and decorated!

This time of year is wonderful and so full of great traditions!


Jenn Greeley said...

Oh, I'm so glad it was a great day. I know you are truly thankful for all of your family being together today. Tell N congratulations on tooth #2. We too will not be joinging the shopping madness tomorrow. Can you believe that Kohl's is opening at 4:00am...that's just insane?!

Dad said...

Thank you for opening your home and hearts to all of us. Your family (all 4) were great hosts. Makes me want to come again; we could come down mid-week next week and stay...oh, how about a whole month this time? Wouldn't that be great?

Luv ya, Dad

Emily said...

Hey! Glad you had a great holiday! Hope you'll be back to blogging soon...miss ya!