Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm winning and I'm losing today!

First, the winning..... I won the new Amy Grant CD from BooMama's Blog!! Yippee, I'm so excited! I've loved Amy since middle school!

Second, the losing.....

Two things happened yesterday that have seriously motivated me to get back on Weight Watchers YET AGAIN.
I'm hopeful that this time it will stick for the long term and I won't give up!

1st - my dad who is a heart-attack and triple bypass survivor and really just my hero in so many ways, got some test results back that were not very good. Not horrible, just not excellent like they've been the last 5 plus years since his surgery. He and my mom are still adjusting to his work-at-home schedule and some of his discipline has gotten off track. He and mom are "back on the wagon" of healthy living. It has inspired me to get back on as well.

2nd - and really, my most motivating, happened last night...L asked me if I was growing a baby. :( Then she asked me when I was skinny...I had to tell her it was along time ago. :( Then she said the words that spoke the clearest to me, "Now, you are just fat." Wow, they were painful words but true and really, she was the best person in the world to say them to me. So far, L has been blessed with fabulous metabolism - truly many days she eats more than Lance or I, but she's only 4 and very active also. Someday, her weight will catch up to her too. I don't ever want to pressure her to be a certain size or any other unhealthy body image, but I also want to be healthy for her and a mom she can be proud of.

So, today, I'm a winner and hopefully a loser too!


Jenn Greeley said...

Your dad has been so disciplined. I'm very sure he will get right back to it. Its good that he goes to the doctor regularly...just a friendly reminder.

Nothing like a kid to put it right out there and tell you like it is. Kids can certainly be great motivators.

Becky said...

This is a painfully honest are a 'brave' person to share!!
You can do it, it's just very hard! For all of us! I'm such a yo-yo with about 15 lbs. Every time I lose them and feel really good, I find them again!! And, it's so much harder the older I get! UGH!!
You can do it!! You can be a loser! You can be a big loser if you want to!!! ;o)

Emily said...

Congrats on the CD! I'm really enjoying working out at Aerofit, I'm not actually going as many times a week as I would like, but having a workout partner is also very motivating. If you'd like to join us (me and a couple other girls I work with), let me know.

Ladybug Fanatic said...

You can do it. You did so well before. I fell off the wagon too, but fortunately I've only gained 3-4 pounds which is hardly anything. I will get back on the wagon again - I'm depressed when I look at pictures from my college days and see how skinny I used to be. Sometimes a picture from those days is the best motivation for me. I force myself to look at that picture often. I hope your Dad is doing better. Kids can be brutally honest, but sometimes that is the best.