Monday, May 11, 2009


We went swimming for the first time yesterday. Yes, it was warm enough - we live in the tropics here in South Central Texas - I think they officially opened the pool the day after Easter!

We LOVE the pool and yesterday I realized there are several reasons why:

1) It's just plain fun!
2) You can exercise without sweating!
3) We are outside!
4) We get to be a part of our community and visit with friends and make new ones!
5) Since we buy a swim pass, our family of 4 can swim as many times as we want all summer for only $125. Pretty cheap entertainment
6) It wears my kids out!

In fact yesterday after swimming for 2 1/2 hours, we came home, bathed the kiddos, and were getting ready for dinner, when I looked over at L and she was asleep. It was 6pm and we faced the dilemna all parents face at that hour. Do you let them take a short nap, then deal with the crankiness until bedtime or do you let them sleep knowing they may wake up at 3:30am ready to go for the day. Since we had a very busy weekend with some late night activities, we decided to just put her in bed. We heard not another word until 6:09 this morning! Glorious!

Lance and I enjoyed some time last night with just N which is a pretty rare occurence and it was an evening with no drama. In fact at one point, I mentioned how quiet it was and Lance said he'd be happy to throw a couple of tantrums or talk incessently if it would help! :)


Becky said...

That Lance is crack-up!! I'm sure he would have done all of that!!
If A falls asleep at that's usually no good!! Glad that worked out for you!!
A is dying to start her swim lessons and get down to the home owners pool! I am so dreading it!! I have to go buy a new swimsuit this year and it will NOT be fun....NOT one little bit!! For, there are no little bits about me! ha! UGH!!

Anyway, have ya'll decided what to do?
Thought I would mention another place. Since you have family in the Dallas area you may be familiar with Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine? We're looking into that. A friend's family went in April and loved it!

Jenn Greeley said...

Lance makes me chuckle. Yay for swimming. Other than the truck loads of sunscreen me and my girls (well one of them won't just yet)has to wear. I love to swim.