Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Worm lives here

A Bookworm, that is.

N has progressed so far on his reading this year and is now CONSTANTLY reading. You have to pry it out of his hands to get him to eat, bathe, even watch cartoons! Yesterday was the book fair at his school and he got 5 new books - The Magic Treehouse series is a favorite of his and he read an entire book last night! I LOVE it! I have always loved to read and I'm so glad he is now at the point that reading is more enjoyment than struggle to get thru.

Another bonus? He is learning all kinds of interesting facts and his vocabulary has increased tremendously. Books have also brought up all kinds of topics that we are discussing. Life is so interesting with a 1st grader!

I've never wanted any of my children's phases to end: baby, toddler, etc, but you know what the great thing is?!? Every.single.phase has such wonderful things --so many new and first things.

N, I'm so proud of your reading success. Reading will take you far and provide you with many hours of entertainment! Love, Momma


Emily said...

That's great! I've never really been a "reader" and that's probably on my list to work on, so it's great he's on the right track.

Ladybug Fanatic said...

I'm right there with Emily. I loved reading short children's books like Dr. Suess, but when it came to novels in high school - forget it! Its great that N is excited about reading.

Jenn Greeley said...

I wasn't a big reader as a kid. I loved the idea of books, but just never got into it. It wasn't until I worked at the Library that my reading took off. I love to read now, just don't have the time.

We know so much more now about how important reading is and to start at a young age. Yay for N. I'm so glad he loves it. Like you said...its going to take him far.