Monday, May 4, 2009

Dancing Queen

This weekend was L's first dance recital. We had the rehearsal Friday afternoon and the recital Saturday afternoon. Combine that with our last soccer game of the season and grandparents visiting and it was a busy weekend. But, it was also one of those glorious weekends!

I saw a side of L I've never seen before. That girl was born to dance and she can ignore all other needs/wants when she is focused on that goal of dancing.

Some things that happened:

Went 6 hours without a bathroom break
Went 6 hours without eating/drinking
Went 6 hours straight without whining
Let us mess with her hair FOREVER and yank and comb, etc without complaining

These are not normal events, she was in the ZONE and it was a wonderfully enjoyable time with a happy little girl.

She did a great job dancing and more importantly she had FUN!

Here are some pics of the day:

L is the dancer on the far left looking off stage at her teacher for help with the moves:

At the end of the recital, L loved taking her bow. So much that the asst. teacher had to pull her back!

Daddy brought her flowers after the recital:

Getting her makeup done:

Her whole class did a great job!


Becky said...

Just precious!!
Don't know if we'll do dance?? A hasn't expressed a desire...just loves her gymnastics.

L looks so cute and it's amazing how focused she was for sooo long!! Sounds like great fun!

Jenn Greeley said...

How sweet! Yay L, way to go!