Friday, May 29, 2009

It's an odd number, really

So, I turned 37 yesterday. 37. It's not a multiple of 5, it's not almost a multiple of 5 - it's just sort of there. Nothing to get too excited about, just one of those numbers you have to pass thru to get to another more exciting (though bigger) numbers!

I had a good day, but you can definitely tell, I've reached that really grown-up age where it's not that big a deal to me to have a birthday. Unlike my younger days when I thought a birthday was a good excuse to not make my bed, go to school or work, or ya' know do anything I didn't want to.

So, my day yesterday consisted of the entire family oversleeping! L woke us all up at 7:15 and panic began! The little neighbor girl rang the doorbell at 7:20,so we were scrambling!

I did enjoy a nice lunch with friends yesterday and when I arrived home L and the kids had some beautiful flowers for me. Dinner was a salad and then we went swimming. A very simple day, but just what I wanted!

My Big Shot arrived last night too! So, hopefully, I'll have some time this weekend to start playing with it!

I got several nice gifts and cards including a blog post from Emily! That was sweet! The card from the kiddos? A singing card that plays Johnny Cash' Ring of Fire --picked out by N -- it was funny!

And today is the last day of school for N! So long 1st grade! Yeah,summer!


Becky said...

I wished you happy b/d on FB but, don't know how much you are on there! Glad you had a good day! I would take 37 again!!!
My sister turned 37 today!

Happy weekend, and summer!

Ladybug Fanatic said...

Sounds like you had a great day. My bday this year was a big deal for me turning 30, but I think here on out - no hooplah! Happy Birthday!

Emily said...

Glad you had a great day! Can't wait to hear how you like your big shot.

circus of love said...

I noticed your b-day on facebook and then forgot to go wish you Happy Birthday. Glad it was sweet and simple! I have no idea what a big shot is. I suppose I will have to Google it.