Saturday, May 24, 2008


Last night, our youth ministry hosted an event at our church. This was not a "normal" youth event. This was a beautiful picture of how things should be in the community of faith. We hosted a time of worship, study, and fellowship with several area Missionary Baptist Churches. It was a great time! In the Missionary Baptist Church, the youth ministry is different than ours. They not only include 7-12 grades, they include children 3 y.o. and up. And so, my kiddos got to participate as well. N, was very excited (as always!) and very into it. I wasn't sure how little L would do. At first she was shy and didn't even want me to participate, but about halfway thru, she warmed up and even began clapping to the music. It was sweet. I loved being with a community of all ages and all colors and cultures. I wish our churches could be a better picture of this on Sunday mornings. Maybe with time we will be.

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