Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weekend Update!

We had a fantabulous weekend! It all started Thursday afternoon when my parents arrived for a visit! We decided to take them to the local hibachi grill for a fun family dinner! Little did we know, that little L would be terrified - she started crying and soon even N was fearful. I mistakenly thought they would love it! Maybe in a few years!

Friday, we had N's end of the year school music program. It was a 50's theme and super cute. N was dressed in his plain white T with his rolled up jeans. He did a good job singing and doing motions. The only problem - it was hard to see him - lots and lots of kids, teachers, and parents in the way!

Saturday was soccer day. It was extremely cold and windy and we had the 8:30 game, so we were all huddled together in our coats. Our friend, Miss Amy came and watched along with Nana and Grandpa.

Nana and Gpa headed back to the big D after lunch and later that afternoon, Miss Amy came over - we spent a wonderful weekend of going to the park, riding bikes, and just hanging out! After she left Sunday afternoon, it was time for the children's choir program at church. N did very well with his songs and even bowed after each one as the congregation clapped! It was cute.

I love weekends like this - it was so enjoyable with our company. N and L LOVE having people come stay with us and I'm so thankful that they do enjoy it! Guests are always welcome at the Mayes Hotel!

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Becky said...

How wonderful!!! fun times and great memories!