Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gone, Gone, Almost Gone!

My baby is now fully potty-trained during the day. We are still wearing our pull-ups at night, but that's it! She is doing very well with it and is so proud! I've got to run to Target and get more princess underwear - yippee! This achievement was one of the last 2 "baby" things left for her! The other is.......

Her "Cassie". "Cassie" is what others call a pacifier. Cassie got her name from big brother who was 3 when L was born and he couldn't say pacifier, so Cassie was christened. We still call "her" that! Cassie has helped us thru many hard times, but quite frankly Lance and I are ready for her to go. There is really no more room in our lives for this "third" child. But, alas, L is not there yet. We've tried the bribery of "you can get any toy in the store you want, just give up Cassie". We've tried, "there's a new baby that really needs a new Cassie"; we've tried hiding Cassie, and yet at the end of the day....there is no sleep without her. We went thru a similiar obsession with N at this age only his was his "lovey" - a blue bear that was "real" and went everywhere with us. Lovey has had many a surgery to repair all the love he received from N. Lovey occasionally had to go spend a week with other people because he couldn't behave, but somehow it was easier to get rid of Lovey than Cassie.

I know she won't still have Cassie in kindergarten, but there is a part of me that feels like a failure as a mom that I have a 3 y.o. that still has her Cassie.

But, then I remember N and his Lovey and realize, it's a brief time in their lives and in a few short years, I'll be longing for the sweet innocence of this time.

So, for now, Cassie stays, but I'm hoping soon she will find her way elsewhere.

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