Friday, May 9, 2008

Guest Blogger today

I asked MommaJen if I could have access to blog today.

I am thoroughly enjoying these blogs; it is part of my morning routine to check in on the happenings of the Mxxxx family on Cxxxxxx Street.

This weekend we celebrate mothers. All my life, I have been surrounded by only the best; grandmothers, mother, aunts, wife, sister-in-laws, daughter-in-law and daughter MommaJen. Saints, they're all saints or they've got me fooled!

"God couldn't be everywhere so he invented mothers." Not so theologically correct but then again...

Mothers: They can see into your future!
Mothers: They know everything you do!
Mothers: They know what you need before you ask!
Mothers: Nothing is too hard for them!
Mothers: They can do everything at once!
Mothers: They can dry any tear!
Mothers: They can find you lost in a crowd!
Mothers: Only you matter when you need that!
Mothers: They make you face the consequences!
Mothers: They make you safe!
Mothers: They know they're going to have to let you go!
Mothers: They let you go!!
Mothers: They wait for you to come back with a light in the window!

MommaJen is a mother. It is my delight to watch her in action. I marvel at what she does and how she learned all that. There must be a momma school somewhere that I don't know about. Or maybe there is a momma well deep inside every mother; a deep, deep well that will never run dry. It's a mystery how that well gets there; I've been watching MommaJen all her life and I don't remember seeing or hearing about the well being prepared; it's just there.

The momma well is like all the miracles of life; there are so many! It just is!

Happy Mother's Day, Jen

I will always love you, Dad

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Becky said...

This is absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful sentiment to come from a father!
Thank you for sharing!
Happy Mother's Day friend!