Sunday, May 11, 2008

A very FULL weekend!

It seems the last few weekends have been incredibly busy around our place - we had lots of company and lots of end-of-school year activities.

This weekend started with a wonderful occasion at N's school - Mommy Makeover!

N was incredibly enthusiastic about this - he got to apply makeup, give me a massage, and brush my hair. He embraced this with his usual enthusiasm for life and I was one of the "most beautiful" moms there! As part of the occasion, the kids each wrote and illustrated a story for us to read while we were getting pampered. It was a great time with N.

Saturday, L and I had our first momma/daughter pedicures. L was great! I was a little concerned about her patience and ability to sit still at 3 y.o. but she did great and loved every minute of it! She is very proud of her sparkly toes and I think we will make this an "annual" event for us.

Lance's parents, sister, and niece, and nephew also came to spend the day with us on Saturday. They went to N's soccer game with us which was fun. We also had the company of our friend, Alex - she's a soccer guru! L's crazy bike riding ability wore Jordan (15 y.o. nephew) out. He's her favorite cousin because he plays with her and does crazy stuff with her! Jordan wants to come to school at TAMU and we hope he will be able to.

Today, I got to do some of my favorite things and my kiddos and hubby came along and enjoyed it with me! We went on a home tour (which I absolutely love to do!), went for a bike ride, and went to get ice cream.

It was a great weekend and a time to celebrate the gift of motherhood. I'm so thankful that God blessed me with a great mom that raised me well and continues to be my greatest support and friend.

I'm also grateful that God allowed me to be a mom to N and L. On this day of motherhood, I'm also reminded of N and L's birthmoms and the great and selfless gift they gave to Lance and I.

Today I also remember my friends who are waiting to be moms and are longing for the day they will get to experience this joy. I remember those hard, lonely days and I pray that the time will go quickly for those of you who are stuck in the "waiting".

Happy Mother's Day!


Jenn Greeley said...

Your Dad's blog was great! What wonderful words to hear from your own dad. It does sound like you had an action packed weekend. I thought of you and the Parade of Homes this weekend. I'm glad you were able to enjoy it with your family. Looking forward to hearing the details of the mommy makeover.

Becky said...

I want pictures of Mommy Make-over posted!!! My friend Lora was brave enough to post hers on her blog!! I remember that fun with J!!!
Another great weekend you had with your family! I haven't attmepted taking A for a pedicure with me yet! We do her toes here at home. I don't think she'd make it!
It will be so fun to do so many girl things together!!!