Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A new obsession!

We're all about the bike riding at our house these days. Yesterday, N and I went for a bike ride after school - just the two of us. He showed me some cool new 6 y.o. moves - the razor turn, the downhill speed turn, and the wiggly turn. It was fun - we got to ride fast - super fast! We enjoyed our conversation along the way too!

Last night, L and I went on a bike ride together - she's all about speed most of the time, except when she stops to ask, "is that a flower, momma?"; "is that a puppy, momma?" now these are all rhetorical questions as she already knows what these things are. It's more about the experience of sharing things together.

I love these times with my kiddos and I have enjoyed the individual time with each of them without any bickering, etc. Each got to set their own pace and agenda. It was nice. I love seeing the things that each of them is interested in. I love seeing the world thru their eyes.

Tonight, we'll all 4 ride together and that will be fun too - just different! The boys will probably race on ahead of L and I while we smell flowers and pet puppy dogs along the way!

I'm working on getting L signed up for dance classes with my friend Tracy's daughter, Emma. I hope she loves dancing as much as the bike riding!

I think L is our little athlete - she loves "playing" soccer and basketball and she is actually better at catching a ball than N - she loves getting dirty and living it up!

N is more of the social, creative, kind of guy - give him some one to talk to and play with and he'll make up a game or activity - like ant collecting or tying things to his scooter to make it into a train. Sports, not so much for him!

I'm so thankful that God makes us all different. For years, I would compare myself to others and only notice the things they could do that I couldn't. Being a mom, I'd like to think I'm better able to appreciate the differences and how they are all wonderful and how they make us just the way God designed us to be.

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Becky said...

I love this!
And I so want a bike!!!