Thursday, May 1, 2008

Life in a Box

Lance bought a new grill over the weekend. It's great - he cooked shrimp and pork chops for us Saturday night - delicious!

The grill came in a box - a GREAT BIG box!

This box sat on our back patio until Monday afternoon. Then, genius struck! N and his friend Aaron transformed the box into....a PLAYHOUSE! It's awesome - complete with a cut-out window, front door and a sign...a flip-sign at that - one side says..."Grand Opening of the Play Hose" and the other says, "Play Hose Closed" - spelling courtesy of N. The flip-sign is creatively attached to the box using one of my dangle earrings. Fortunately, I'd lost the mate to this earring, so it's found it's new destiny as play house sign holder!

The fun continued when L and Madeline and Brookelyn decided to "paint" the playhouse. Our version of painting is sidewalk chalk mixed with water. The house is now "decorated". Hours of fun have been had by our kids and the neighbors - love it!


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circus of love said...

And we think we need to buy toys...all we need are boxes. Some of my kids best play time occurred in really big boxes.