Thursday, July 31, 2008

I want to be like this when I grow up!

This man died last Friday from Pancreatic Cancer. But, by all appearances, he lived a very full life. I saw him on Oprah several months ago and watched his "The last lecture" video online. I'm now in the middle of watching his "Time Management" lecture online as well. He has lots of wisdom about life and what seems to really matter. If you have time, check out his videos. He also has a book out now as well. His parents obviously loved and taught him well. Some of his nuggets of truth: "Things don't matter, people do."; "It's better to do the right things adequately than to do the wrong things exceptionally." Sometimes, I need these reminders in my life!

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debra said...

I have seen the videos and am now reading the book. Such wisdom. He is a true example of how to live life. Some days it's a real wake up call for me.