Thursday, July 24, 2008

My worst fear

Click here for a recent story in the Dallas Morning News. This is one of my greatest fears as a parent along with the fear of leaving your child in the backseat of the car.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard these stories and thought,"what a neglectful parent" and can and does happen to anyone, even the best of parents. How many times have I walked 10 feet away from the tub to answer a ringing phone when I should have just let voicemail get it?

If you have a pool, get extra locks for your doors and gates. Even better, install a pool fence. If you are visiting in the homes of friends and families who have a pool, be vigilant while there. I love how this article mentions having a "water watcher" - it's like a designated driver only this person's sole job is to watch the kids around the water. No distractions allowed!

Please, please be careful - better to be a "crazy momma" like me than to become the next headline.


Bri said...

"they are under the mistaken impression that children splash and scream when they are struggling, when actually they slip under the water noiselessly"

This is the scariest part to me! How awful. My husband and I are both taking CPR classes this summer - but I plan to be a "crazy momma" too, so it never comes to that!

Becky said...

I probably go overboard too but, don't care!!
I think that pool fences are law here?? My friend just put a pool in her backyard and it couldn't be installed until her husband finished the fencing! I think she told me it's mandatory.