Monday, July 21, 2008

On the Countdown!!!

We are going on vacation in a few weeks - yippee!!! We are going to South Padre Island and are very excited. I've never been there before and am really looking forward to the calm, relaxation. Lance has been several times so knows a few things that he definitely wants us to do, but I need some feedback for several things we are considering, but aren't really sure of.

Have any of you ever been to SPI and done the sand castle building lessons? This sounds intriguing to us as the kiddos LOVE sand castles, but we don't want to waste our $$$ if this is not really a great thing to do with kids?

How about the Pirate Ship cruise out of Post Isabel? Lance was down there a couple of weeks ago and he thought it looked pretty cool, but it's pricey. Has anyone been? Is it worth it?

We are definitely going to the beach, Schlitterbahn, and just relax! We have rented a little 2 bedroom/1 bath bungalow and it has it's own pool in the backyard along with a grill, so we are looking forward to having our own little private area where we can cook and swim on our own timetable.

On our way home, we will spend one night in Corpus Christi and do some things there. Any advice on kid-friendly things?

Hope you and yours have had a vacation this year or will soon---we all definitely need to get away from time to time!!


Bri said...

NO advice on activities because when I was there it was for spring break in college, but it is beautiful and you guys will have LOTS of fun!

Becky said...

Went to SPI on my senior graduating trip with some girlfriends. That was so long ago and I want go back as a family. You'll have to let me know about this place you rented, where, how, etc.
CC is where the big state aquarium is, isn't it?? I'm sure you can look up all kinds of things

Jenn Greeley said...

No advice, but it all sounds very exciting!

QuiteContrary said...

Well, it all sounds very fun and exciting. We have never been to South Padre, but I have learned that with my kids simple is best. The more complicated or involved it is, the more disappointed they are. It's like toys in commercials, they are hyped up so much it raises their expectation then are just let down by it. So my 2 cents is: keep it simple! What ever y'all do I'm sure y'all will have a blast!

circus of love said...

Sounds like fun...I wanna go!!!

Jessica said...

Corpus has a wonderful aquarium. Also, the U.S.S. Lexington is a fun thing to tour.